Sad news about longtime contributor to CC, Lookingforward

I am very sorry to let the CC community know that Lookingforward passed away recently. As another member said so well, “She was honest and her candor will be missed. She was always willing to offer advice and suggestions to those who asked.”

Lookingforward continually emphasized how important it is for students to understand what colleges look for in their applicants. Her perspective from working in admissions at a prestigious university gave her authentic insight, and she generously shared her wisdom with students over the many years she was active on College Confidential.

I think I can speak for all of us when I say she will be greatly missed here. I hope students who come across her posts continue to benefit from her excellent advice. From everyone here at CC, we send our thoughts and prayers to her loved ones. May she rest in peace.


So sad. She was a valued and valuable member of this community. RIP


Sorry to read this. Thanks for letting us know.

Edited to add: I always remembered her name bc she was one of the posters who replied to my first post over 4 years ago when my S21 was an 8th grader. You could tell she really was trying to help and I appreciated it then and now.


Oh no. I feel like I knew her from all her contributions. So sorry to hear this. She will be missed. Is there any way for her family to know how much she was appreciated here?


I’m so sorry to hear it. She was almost constantly present in various forums on CC. When she stopped a few weeks ago, I was wondering what happened. She’s certainly missed.


She was incredibly private. I do not have any contact info. I hope her family or close friends see this post and know she will be missed. @compmom


Saddened to hear the news of her passing. I enjoyed her insightful posts and had been missing them as of late. She was a valuable member of the CC community whose wisdom will certainly be missed.


She was always so incredibly kind and I had the privilege of knowing her outside of CC (though not in person). She was one of the many CCers who sent lovely gifts for my baby when he was born and I’ll treasure that.

My condolensces to her children. May her memory be a blessing.


This is so sad. I remember her well from her valued responses and input. Thank you for letting us know. My heart goes out to her loved ones.


Very sad news. Condolences to her family and friends.


Oh no. I always thought her posts were so helpful and kind. This is such sad news. I also hope her family knows how much we will miss her.


I too enjoyed her post. I learned much from her. Very sad news.


She was very sweet, very knowledgeable and knew from experience what she was talking about. Will miss her greatly.


This is terrible news. :frowning: I didn’t know her well, but her dedication to this community was obvious. Her contributions can’t be summed up, obviously, but I wanted to share some stats to give an idea of her contributions:

  • Joined—Dec 2, 2006
  • 3,438 days visited
  • 406 topics created
  • 36,390 posts created

Reading other comments, it’s clear these numbers don’t do her justice. Life is short and we need to treasure our friends.


One of the smartest people I have known regarding the college process and challenged me at every turn. I am so sorry for you all who knew her well, and for her family’s loss. I noticed she had not posted in some time. Very sad to hear.


So very sad! Her responses were very insightful and always honest. She will be missed. Very sad for her family, friends and students that won’t be able to learn from her wisdom.


Do you have a way of putting a post of her’s up so I could go back and read all of her prior post.

Her very first post on the site is, as a later commenter pointed out, excellent:


Words fail me. Sad.


Thank you so much. I will pay a tribute to her. RIP wonderful lady!