Sad News for Princeton

<p>Swimmer drowns.</p>

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<p>Haha, I read the Daily Princetonian every day like a loser (actually, it's a procrastination device) so I already heard about it. It's quite sad, though...</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm sure my friend knew him...(he's a freshman on the team; the guy who drowned was a sophomore)...I can't believe's just so strange, especially for a swimmer...</p>

<p>Yeah, this has got to be tough for Princeton students right now. Two deaths in such a close time period...crazy...</p>

<p>It's awful...I have a friend on the swim team who said he was going to the funeral...</p>

<p>whoa, the same thing happened to an alumnus from my school, except he didn't drown, he just got paralyzed from the waist down. (so by the same thing, i mean he dove into too shallow water, and broke his neck) but yeah, that sucks. I guess given how he died, he wasnt on the diving team...(oh god, I'm definitely going to hell for that)</p>

now i feel bad for laughing
ok that was insensitive but you didn't mean any harm.
It's really sad though.</p>