Sadly, Another "Resume on Common App" Question

Hello all! I am applying to a couple schools that include the option of attaching a resume to the application. I was thinking of including mine, but I realize that most of the activities on it are already mentioned in my ‘activities’ section of the Common App.

My contemplation over whether or not I should submit my resume stems from the fact that I have been promoted (from bagger to one of those who audit cashier’s registers/drawers, take money orders, cash checks, etc.) in one of the jobs I have listed in the activities section and I would like to highlight this especially. Should I attach my resume to elaborate on one specific area or is there another, more appropriate section on the Common App I can use to shed light on my rise in the illustrious ranks of my grocery store?

I don’t think it’s a good idea to attach a resume that is mostly repetitive of info contained in your app.

I would include the info in your activity list. List the job as one activity with description that encompasses all of it - e.g. Cashier/audit cash drawers & registers/handle checks & money orders. Promoted from bagger after x months.
You have 150 characters with spaces; that example is only 105, so you could say more. I think it’s pretty clear to anyone what your job includes.

If you really feel the need to expand on the job, because you are proud of your promotion, etc, add a couple of sentences to cover what you think is important for an AdComm to know in the “Additional Information” area of the CommonApp.

Thank you for your reply! I think I will go the short and simple route and include the details in my activity list.