We went to visit HWS, DD really liked it so I started to do a bit of digging about the school & came across this NY Times article. Can anyone speak to what HWS has done to prevent this & keep the students safer? This article is VERY disturbing.

There is a thread here that follows up on this horrific incident:

It does not appear to me that HWS is committed to improving the safety of students on campus. They say that they are, but their actions speak louder than their words.

Our daughter and I were very taken with HWS When we visited, but I am now so glad that she chose to go elsewhere.

My older daughter loved this school,was accepted and given a very nice financial package. She was thrilled so was I. Then at the very last minute, impulsively, she decided to enroll at another college. I tried to convince her otherwise since I thought she made a critical mistake…until…
The news of this horrific attack broke. Now I think she her “impulsive descion” saved us all much heart ache. And possibly saved her from far far worse.
What troubles me is the administrations reaction (aka deflective defense). The sexual assault consultant HWS engaged is basically a risk mitigation outfit, not a program to change the community’s culture.