Safeties for Transfer

<p>Currently I'm at UMass and I'm applying transfer to Northeastern University, I want to have maybe 1 other school as a safety, I really have to get out of here.</p>

<p>My first semester GPA will be around 3.7 and second semester hopefully higher, I will have 2 good rec letters from my employer and English teacher. My high school records were awful and the good part about NEU is that they do not require those.</p>

<p>I am trying to get into a business school, so name a few schools in the New England area you think I could get into.</p>


<p>Don't know how these schools are for business, but how about BU, or U Vermont</p>

<p>BU is great but as hard or maybe even a little harder to get into as a transfer. U of Vermont is really nice but I dont wanna go up north that far, also looking for a private school. Thanks though not bad suggestions.</p>

<p>Don't know if BU is as hard as a transfer. I had pretty bad HS stats and rather good college stats (3 semesters) and I got in to BU as a xfer but I was rejected in freshman admissions.</p>

<p>Did you use the college search tool on collegeboard? That can help you find a college based on location, student body, majors, etc.</p>

<p>good insight, and yeah i will look into collegeboard searching, thanks</p>