<p>Hey guys
I'm a rising senior, trying to sort out my final college list before school starts. I think I have a good set of reaches/matches but I'm still not sure about safeties. My parents really like the idea of scholarships (I don't need fin aid) so I was wondering if I could get money from these schools - USC, University of Washington. Are there any other good safety schools that would pay me to enroll there?</p>

<p>Here's all my stats..
Asian American living abroad in Hong Kong
Freshman/Soph year British GCSE examinations. Graded from 1 - 7, 7 being the highest: English 7, Math 7, Co-science 7, Music 7, Chinese 7, Economics 5
IB Diploma, predicted 40/42 (before TOK and EE)
No class rank
SAT: 2200 (750M / 730CR / 720W)
SATII: MathII 780, Chinese 790, Literature 730</p>

Taekwondo - black belt (since 13), assistant teacher, official examiner for ***HK (Hong Kong offical Taekwondo federation)
Church – youth leader, worship team/leader, bible study leader
Varsity Soccer – 2 years
Varsity Tennis – 2 years
Tutoring at local community center - 2 years
Piano - ABRSM grade 8</p>

Summer before senior year: Working at Marriot Hotel (restaurant and housekeeping)
Summer before junior year: Working at Ben & Jerry’s</p>

(Co)Organized a breast cancer charity concert that raised over $60,000 (and awareness!!)
Spent summer before sophomore year volunteering in Cambodia. I drank some kind of infected water or something and was diagnosed with hepatitis, spent a month in the hospital (I'm fine now). Sap story that I might use for app essay?</p>


<p>The University of Washington does not give a lot of merit aid in general as far as I can tell and even less to OOS students. It doesn't have anything to do with you stats...they just don't give much.</p>

<p>Neither does USC I hear</p>