safety at Case

<p>any comments about safety at Case western Reserve. and what about the rebranding of the university.</p>

<p>1) Safety is fine. As long as you're not an idiot or a cultural moron, you will not have any problems whatsoever. There is around one "mugging" every month or two, but these occur because people do stupid things (e.g. pulling their wallet out and counting their money in front of a begger, etc.) The campus is very well lit, and it is patrolled by the Cleveland PD, University Circle PD, Case PD, and sometimes the East Cleveland Police Department.
2) I guess the rebranding will bring in more money to the university via the Western Reserve University alumni, but IMO the WRU alumni that were ****ed off enough about the last rebranding to stop donating money will still be bitter and won't donate. That's just my opinion. I don't think it will impact anything else, such as rankings, academics, endowment, prestige, etc.</p>

<p>if they send a packet in the mail on how to avoid date rape, then you know something's wrong</p>

<p>Not necessarily. I believe that date rape is a common problem at almost all campuses. I felt positive that Case was willing to address this issue openly and pro-actively. As a parent, it also gives an opportunity to talk about this issue with my children.</p>

<p>i wouldn't be surprised if it's a larger issue at case. after all, it's unfortunately in one of the bad areas of cleveland.</p>

<p>Most date rape occurs between people who know each other, i.e. fellow students. Alcohol also plays a large role in clouding judgments by those involved.</p>

<p>i agree with pmyen. Random street-dwellers from Cleveland don't come into Case parties and commit date rape. Date rape happens between students. Seeing as how Case doesn't have the biggest party scene, i don't think its a very big issue.</p>

<p>I think you'll find that Case is a lot safer than most other colleges and universities, especially those with Urban campuses.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure all colleges send out info and have plenty of reasons to be concerned about date rape, not just Case or urban colleges.</p>

<p>To say that date rape would happen at case because its in cleveland or in a city is just ignorant</p>

<p>since when have they been sending out date rape packets? I'm class of 2010 and I never got one</p>

<p>I didn't get one either. Maybe it was because I was a transfer? </p>

<p>The campus is safe to me. Then again, I come from Philly so I'm use to urban campuses like Temple and Penn. In fact, Case is probably safer than those two. People from the east side of Cleveland really don't come on campus unless they're working or going to University Hospitals, which is right next door. Even at night, it's still pretty safe. You just can't be dumb and naive. Like someone mentioned earlier, don't hold out your wallet for everyone to see. That's begging for a mugging. Be aware of your surrounding and always go out with at least one other person at night. These are all simple common sense.</p>

<p>As for the rebranding, <em>shrugs</em></p>

<p>Safety...there are cops everywhere, but you have to be careful. I think North Campus is not that bad, but South Campus, the elephant stairs can be dangerous. I don't really ever feel safe on campus because there is a robbery every one or two weeks. Not to scare you from going, but that's just how it is. </p>

<p>Rebranding? I think they switched from one stupid corporate insignia to another. I was hoping that Case would go classy with a shield or something, but the went with like a sun. I don't know, I don't think I'd want to give money as an alumni anyways. I know Hundert, he was a nice guy, but he really messed the school up.</p>

<p>but you have to keep in mind the situations behind the robberies
one or two students
walking alone
further away from the residential areas or near the hospital
late at night (or early morning, depending on your view)
All in all, students need to be intelligent about where they go and what they do at 2am. Especially getting money late at night from an ATM.</p>

<p>yeah, what Eui Hyun Lee said was right. </p>

<p>Usually it's one or two students walking alone, in areas where cops cannot see them. There are cops circling around all the time for 24 hours. Case tries to keep its students safe. Needless to say, there is a fair share of robberies.</p>