Safety at Rhodes

We visited Rhodes for the first time on Saturday and really liked it. However, the fence and the gated entrance (while nice) does send a signal that there are security concerns. The Admissions Office and available stats say no, but our tour guide did say she would not be comfortable walking alone to the shopping area a mile away. Does anyone have a sense of how students feel about how safe the neighborhood is? Much of the immediate neighborhood is affluent, so I am not overly concerned, just curious what others think.

My son is a freshman at Rhodes. The campus area is very very safe. Thre s not much need or reason tongonoutside of the Rhodes bubble. If you do, you need to ride in a car or get an Über lift. The best shopping and restaurants re at least two miles away. There are many great things about Memphis but it is not a walking city.

Thanks smidgey. How has your son enjoyed his freshman year so far?

I just posted this on another thread but will repost here:

I am originally from Memphis and went to Rhodes. I’ll be honest with you-- Rhodes is not located in the very best part of Memphis. There are some poor neighborhoods within walking distance, and along with poverty also comes crime. That being said, there are also some magnificent houses nearby and Memphians really committed to keeping their neighborhoods safe.

If you are looking for a school where you can walk/bike to places off-campus, Rhodes is not it. The Rhodes campus itself, though, is very safe. It is completely fenced in and the gates are well-guarded. I don’t mean that it needs some kind of hardcore security, but once you enter the campus, it is a completely different world. The grounds are beautiful, and it is a wonderful place to live on-campus.

When I was there 5 years ago, it was not entirely uncommon for people’s cars to get broken into if they left them late at night at a local bar or on the street. I do not know a single person–either from my time in Memphis or my time at Rhodes specifically–who has been the victim of a violent crime (knock on wood). The crime I have heard of is mainly property crimes of opportunity. As a college female, I did feel comfortable running outside the gates and down one of the local jogging trails. You just have to use common sense.