Safety colleges for prep school seniors

<p>I was wondering what the most common safety schools are for prep school seniors. I know that Trinity is popular, but are there any others?</p>

<p>It really depends on your academics and test scores as well as what your major will be.</p>

<p>Trinity would only be a safety for a very strong student. I think many prep school seniors have state schools as their safety schools. I think they are likely to look at a setting they like, or less-selective colleges with good programs in their desired fields of study.My son has Columbia College Chicago as his, because he is interested in theater, and wants an urban setting.Some of his friends chose Loyola-New Orleans for the location, and its music management program. Another friend liked the business program at University of Richmond.</p>

<p>Yes the infamous trin bin is a big safety along with Roanoke and Gettysburg</p>

<p>I chose some local private schools as my safeties, although I would be very happy attending any of them. Public schools in my state and the surrounding area are pretty meh. I also have Trinity as one of my easier schools, but I don't know if it's a safety.</p>