Safety colleges needed for transferring

<p>I am an international freshman student at St. John's College, NM. I want to get transferred because I do not want to read philosophy more. </p>

<p>I want to do triple major in Engineering (no idea which engineering but famous ones like electrical engineering), Music (Vocal) and Theater (Acting). My high school GPA is 4.0 and college first semester GPA is only 3.0. But I can increase it to around 3.8 on the second semester. My SAT Subject scores are: Physics 770 and Maths Level 2 800. I am giving ACT on Feb and I hope to get a minimum score of 30. I am good at singing and I have recorded a song in my native language and I make soundtracks too which are pretty good. I play soccer well and I prefer to go to college with men Varsity soccer. My other ECAs are good too. </p>

<p>I can pay $6000 at most. I am applying to some IVYs and other good colleges and I need some safety colleges. It does not matter even if it is a state college but I want more aid.</p>

<p>If you can only pay $6000 it will be almost impossible for you to transfer. There is very little financial aid for international students, and very little for transfers. Sorry.</p>

<p>If you want to study engineering, your best bet is probably to go to a university in your own country.</p>

<p>As an Intl. transfer who can pay only 6k, there is no such thing as a safety. Only a few of the most selective colleges will give you full FA, and none of these is an admissions safety. Actual admissions safeties will not provide enough FA to make attendance feasible.</p>

<p>@happymomof1 and @entomom: Thanks for helping. By being able to pay 6k, I mean just for tuition fees and not for room and board. Actually I have a list of one/two safety colleges. I just needed few more to select best one from them.</p>