Safety in Columbia?

<p>Is the Columbia area safe? Any street smart strategies?</p>

<p>Try West Philly!</p>

<p>You know, West Philadelphia is where I was born and raised.</p>

<p>^ But you now live in Bel-Air. Doesn't count! ;)</p>

<p>Tbh, West Philly isn't all that bad, provided one doesn't stray too far from Penn's location on Spruce/Walnut. ;) Visiting the Radian is about as far as I'm willing to stray off. </p>

<p>That said, Morningside Heights is vastly better in every regard when compared to West Philly. No safety issue that I'm aware of.</p>

<p>Princeton, are you at Penn? (You might want to change your Location info)</p>

<p>The area is very safe and public safety is pretty good about patrolling the area. As far as 'street smarts' just stay alert and use common sense. Not a lot of incidents this semester.</p>

<p>I agree with ColumbiaDiva. Granted, I'm not a Columbia student, but I can help you out with street smarts! Basically, just be aware of where you are and don't walk around dangling expensive jewelry out of your pockets while listening to sound-muffling headphones (exaggeration, but the principle applies) and you'll be fine. In sketchier areas it's good to travel in groups, though IIRC, Columbia is in a pretty safe location, I haven't really heard of any major security issues in Columbia.</p>

<p>Also pretty sure that PrincetonDreams doesn't attend Penn.</p>

<p>Well, that's why I asked. If they actually do attend Penn, then I'm inclined to take their opinion on Philadelphia seriously. Otherwise, I'm not.</p>