Safety school help for 'quirky' student

<p>Son has a 4.0 GPA
34 ACT (perfect score in math)--35 if SuperScored
SAT II 800-Math 740-Chemistry
Interested in Computer Science, Chemistry
His definition of 'quirky': creative, accepting, unpretentious, 'smart' kids who like intellectual type discussions.
not interested in Greek Life
small LAC</p>

<p>His list:
1. Williams
2. Carleton
3. Grinnell
4. U of Chicago (not a small LAC, but definitely quirky)
5. Amherst (but didn't get the vibe he likes so much)</p>

<p>Wants either Midwest or East coast school--NOT Wisconsin (where we live)--too close to home. UW Madison too big for him :(.</p>

<p>Schools we have seen: Williams, Amherst, Brandeis, Marquette, St. Olaf, Carleton, MacAllister, MIT, Harvard (no!), U of Chicago, Grinnell, Northwestern, UW Madison, Carroll, Drake</p>

<p>His list aims high, and I am hoping that some of you 'seasoned veterans' can suggest safety schools to the list so that I can sleep better at night! Thanks!</p>

<p>Truman in Kirksville, MO. They have Greek but not dominant on campus at all. I think you will find that quirky describes many students there. Another one that friends seem to like is Belmont in Nashville (I think it's there). A lot of music type quirky students there. We know a few kids that are there and they LOVE it. I would also consider Luther in IA. It's a bit of an unknown here but again, a nice LAC with a good mix of students that are serious about academics. We just recently visited Seton Hill in Greensburg, PA and it has a VERY nice mix of students. It was really a surprise school. He would be in the running for some very nice merit aid there too.</p>

<p>Brandeis might suit him.</p>

<p>Earlham? in Indiana</p>

<p>Carnegie-Melon, RIT,</p>

<p>There appear to be many like him at the University of Rochester. My guy is loving it there right now. ;)</p>

<p>I'm not sure I'd call it quirky, nerd fits better and they love the term, but no matter the term, my middle son feels he has found where he belongs.</p>

<p>Macalester, Denison, Oberlin, Kenyon. My D had similar stats and interests and got into all of those schools except Macalester.</p>

<p>I know you said not WI but what about Lawrence, it was a good and generous safety school for my daughter.</p>

<p>Connecticut College, Muhlenberg, Skidmore, Vassar?</p>

<p>Well, 'nerd' is another word for it, I think :D. We already saw Brandeis and it didn't do anything for him, DP. He is a 'band geek' and would like to play trumpet in a college orchestra as long as it's welcoming to non music majors.........</p>

<p>I know you said East Coast or Midwest, but he might want to think about Harvey Mudd. He sounds perfect for it. It is one of the Claremont Colleges in California. My east coast son just graduated in computer science. He loved it. Quirky and creative sums up the small but brilliant student body. And they get jobs when they graduate.</p>

<p>Luther is very much worth a look then if he is a music geek. I would also give serious consideration to UW-Eau Claire--I know, it's in Wisconsin but it's a great school and a lot of opportunities for non-music majors, including a wonderful marching band, 200 members strong. They spent Christmas vacation on a cruise around the Mediterranean this past year! We know several kids there that we would classify as bank geeks (having band geeks of our own). </p>

<p>University of Northern Iowa might be a good option too. Extensive music program, lots of "band geeks" there, not too big, not too small either.</p>

<p>RIT is the anthesis of a LAC, it's a technical school, and based on the OPs criteria not one I'd recommend.</p>

<p>Bard is intellectual quirky and is really emphasizing the science side lately.</p>

Sarah Lawrence
Wesleyan (but it's not necessarily a safety)</p>

<p>Macalester, Bates (good science and good arts scene- not sure about computer sci)</p>

<p>There are countless Midwestern LACs that have the atmosphere he's looking for, would definitely admit him, and might give him generous scholarships. Beloit and Kalamazoo are two that haven't been mentioned yet.</p>

<p>Not a LAC but definitely super science-y and not greek (at least I don't think so?)--Case Western. Would be a safety for him I'd think?</p>

<p>And I second Oberlin as an option to consider.</p>

<p>blueiguana, Creekland was referring to the Univ of Rochester, not RIT. I don't know too much about Uof R, but it might fit the OP need.</p>

<p>Macalester was too 'white bread' for him. Just wasn't anything or one that 'stood out'.</p>

<p>How much can your family pay? Remember, a safety institution is one that you can afford with no aid other than federally determined (via FAFSA) aid and/or state aid (if an in-state institution) and/or guaranteed merit-based aid from the institution itself. Yes your kid wants Out Of His Home State (most kids do), but there is every possibility that his most affordable institutions will be right at home. Run the Net Price Calculators at the places on his list, and get honest with him about where the money can (and can't) come from.</p>