Safety Schools for Ivy Applicants

<p>What would be some good safety schools for someone who is qualified (in terms of numbers and ECs) for HYPSM but cannot be so confident of admissions due to its sometimes erratic nature? This is more of a general question, but I can provide specific stats and interests if necessary.</p>

<p>Usually, but not always, the applicant's state schools make good safeties.</p>

<p>NYU Stern for Business is a wonderful match school. So is Emory as a match,</p>

<p>are we only looking at admissions policies, or are we also considering financial safeties?</p>

<p>Mostly admissions safeties, but financial ones can be thrown in too (although for a lot of people, new financial aid policies at Ivies can help more than aid at other schools).</p>

<p>Also, I'll probably add more information later, but for now, I live in New York and am interested in science. However, I dont think I'd want to go to a tech school other than MIT. I don't particularly like the tech school atmosphere, but I somehow like MIT a lot, probably because of the diversity brought in by surrounding Boston. Also, Binghamton, Geneseo, and Stony Brook are good schools, but I'm not sure if they have the intellectual environments I'm looking for.</p>

<p>We have the same characteristics. Im from NYC, and I want to apply to the ivies and am having trouble finding realistic schools. MIT is the only techy school I am applying to as well. I also have the same problem with the SUNYs. I really want an intellectual college, thats why I want to goto one of the Ivies or MIT. </p>

<p>To actually make my post productive. I've been looking at Johns Hopkins, Georgetown (which is actually just as competitive as some of the ivies), Binghamton, NYU and GW.</p>

<p>Perhaps you may like BC or BU. Maybe Rice, Emory, Vanderbilt.</p>

<p>"I really want an intellectual college, thats why I want to goto one of the Ivies or MIT." I suggest you both look into U of Chicago, which is second only to MIT or Caltech for "intellectual atmosphere" and students.</p>

<p>The University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) is the best one I can think of. It's been ranked in the top multiple times and is starting to get filled with more and more intellectual people and admissions is getting a bit tougher. What holds it back from being more like UCLA and UC Berkeley, however, is its admissions rate: about 50%.</p>

<p>Also, when I said intellectual environment, I didn't mean to limit it to what most people call intellectual (i.e. UChicago, Columbia), but just a campus where everyone is smart, top of their class or close, and motivated but still engaged in non-academic activities. Although at the same time, I'm open to these traditionally "intellectual schools."</p>

<p>if you feel that you are a very highly qualified applicant, even to HYPS, then I highly suggest that you also apply to Duke, Georgetown, Penn, Northwestern, and Cornell. All these schools should be a bit easier to get in, yet they all provide fantastic education like you described. I would also recommend applying to true safeties, such as your state school and others.</p>

<p>Michigan(if you apply by the ER deadline) is the obvious school for any Ivy hopeful. I say by the ER deadline as all but 1 kid at my school who applied by the ER date got in, and no one who applied after has, only waitlists and rejections.</p>

<p>NMF $$$ schools offer some great opportunities too. Emory is a great option, especially with the Oxford College option if you want a pretty solid safety. Texas is very cheap with NMF $$$ and is a fantastic school. USC offers some pretty good merit aid, and should be a safety for any legit HYP applicant.</p>

<p>Northwestern offers a very 'Ivy' feel, so it could be a great match, or safety if you are insanely qualified. Same with Cornell.</p>

<p>Even if you're 'insanely qualified,' I don't think NU should be considered a match. It's just not safe enough. Same for Cornell, Berkeley, UCLA, and a few other universities that some might think could be considered 'safeties.'</p>

<p>Lehigh, Bucknell, BC, Tulane, George Washington, Colgate, Reed</p>

<p>I actually heard that Tufts is a good safety for Harvard.</p>

I actually heard that Tufts is a good safety for Harvard.


<p>Ha ha. People from Tufts hate it when people say they're Ivy rejects. </p>

<p>I would never say Tufts is a safety for Harvard. It's in its own league- hard to get into, but not as hard as HYMPS.</p>

<p>"..a campus where everyone is smart, top of their class or close.."</p>

<p>how can everybody be at the top of the class?</p>

<p>Britchesr: as you're already aware, no-one is guaranteed admission to those schools simply because they all receive more applications from people with the necessary stats than there are spaces. But it's not clear from your post whether you are looking for safeties or matches.</p>

<p>For matches, after the Ivies, Stanford etc., there are a lot of fine smaller universities that are still competitive for admissions, but overall are reasonable choices for you, and in which you might recevie merit aid. Depending on the type and size of school, type of major, geographical area you're interested in, look into these: Washington U./St.Louis, Brandeis, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, Rice, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Carnegie-Mellon, Rochester, the Claremont Colleges, Georgetown, Emory, for instance. For a true sfatey, the honors progam of the top school in your state university system.</p>

<p>Safeties for Ivy applicants:
Washington U St Louis
Johns Hopkins
Notre Dame
Wake Forest
Boston College
Syracuse U
U of Rochester</p>

<p>^^ you forgot Stanford.</p>

<p>for the thing about tufts, i have heard this and am wondering if it is accurate, i am in at USC and still waiting on a lot of places. is it accurate to say USC is basically stanford rejects? i know it is a harsh thing to say but that is the feeling i got.</p>