Safety Schools

<p>I need some safety schools i will definately get in to...i live in belgium but am american
GPA 3.2 doing an IB diploma, the hardest possible program at my school, and probably most schools
M 660
CR 600
W 570
Varsity Volleyball team captain
work at a refugee camp
service projects in romania and macedonia
run the schools dark room
play drums and piano
speak french spanish english
above average portfolio
i need some safety schools i could get into safely please?
i also want to apply to
university of texas - austin
virginia tech
penn state

<p>possible safeties?: university of washington

<p>ayemehelle, your stats show you have a broad and varied experience which should help you. Your request though is pretty broad and dependant on many variables. I suggest you go to the Assoc of Colleg of arch schools. You have to sign up to view all the 134 architecture schools in the US ACSA</a> 3.0: SEARCH</p>

<p>Read about the schools then go to the websites where you will learn about their specifics and sometimes they tell you exactly what you need to get in to their school. ie CAl Poly SLO and Virg tech require a 4.0. Penn state entrance is primarily based on GPA and SAT.</p>

<p>In your first group of schools, Northeastern will probably be the easiest. Wentworth is also in Boston and may be easier to get in. In RI, there is Roger Williams. Someone already told you about Philadelphia Univ.</p>

<p>Univ of Washington is actually hard to get in since they don't let you apply to the Arch program until the end of your Soph year and then it is based on your portfolio. They tell you this entirely at their website.</p>

<p>Univ of Boulder has an BS in Envir design program which is different that Arch studies but no portfolio needed to enter. I believe their site states the average GPA was 3.6.</p>

<p>I don't know anything about Illinois. Good luck</p>

<p>@ayemehelle. If you don't mind. Can you tell me which schools you heard back from? because I have similar stats and would like to see where I'm at. Thanks</p>