Safety Schools

<p>The problem is I don't have any. So I was wondering if, given my credentials, you guys could give me suggestions for some.</p>

I'm going to be a junior at my Ohio public highschool.
I'm currently ranked 3rd in my class of around 130 but I have the opportunity to go up in rank before I graduate.
I have a gpa of around 3.9 (4.5 weighted).
My PLAN score was in the top one percentile and I have a projected ACT score of 30-34.
My PSAT score was a 190 (projected 1900) but I took it as a sophomore (one year early).</p>

<p>By my senior year I'll be a four year member of varsity soccer and swimming and should be captain of both teams.
I'll also be a four year member of Quiz Team and should also be the captain.
I'm the treasurer of my class and a member of student council.
And hopefully I'll be admitted into National Honor Society.</p>

<p>As a side note I'd like to attend Amherst, Swartmore, or WUSTL.</p>


<p>Look at Denison and College of Wooster. What can your parents afford? Will you need FA or merit aid?</p>

<p>Slightly easier than what you have listed but not safeties would be Wesleyan (open curriculum like Amherst), Colgate, and Hamilton. Reed is often mentioned in the same sentence as Swarthmore. Pennsylvania LACs other than Swarthmore are a little more traditional and conservative than Amherst but, if that's OK, maybe the Lafayette, Bucknell, Franklin and Marshall bunch. Colby could be a good choice if Maine is of interest.</p>

<p>Holy Cross, Lafayette.</p>

<p>It's really difficult to list safeties for you when you only have a projected ACT not an actual one AND you're giving a FOUR point spread (30-34). Your athletic EC's are very impressive, by the way....</p>