SAIC tuition cost?

So I got accepted EA to SAIC a little while ago, and it’s my second choice behind Cooper Union for whom I am completing that god forsaken hometest as we speak. SAIC offered me 63k over the 4 years, but I am very confused as to what the real tuition of SAIC is (plus room/expenses)

I’ve been getting confused by the prices per credit because I’m not really sure how many credits one is meant to take/is normal I guess?

I’m going to be appealing because I do need more money and maybe I will be getting financial aid, but with the cost of flying there from where I live in NY, I am afraid of the price.

I had though that it was around 60k per year but my mom was telling me its 45k ?
If anyone knows please let me know!

Contact the school’s Office of Financial Aid and get the definitive answer.

They have the estimates for the academic year right on their cost page:

Please do contact the Financial Aid office at SAIC. The merit that you receive is based on the credit hours taken - I think they assume a certain load the first year. So if you increase or decrease that credit load, your merit changes accordingly. They’re transparent about it when you contact them, but it’s a little confusing when you see it first on paper.

@rochej2016 Can you please share with me when did you hear the decision form SAIC ? I know this was last year for you, but my D applied EA to SAIC this year and is her #1 choice and the wait is killing her!

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