said a million times :) CHANCE MEE PLEASE

<p>I'll try to keep it simple, I appreciate the chances :)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Asian
GPA: 3.95
SAT: 2400
SAT2: 800, 800, 770
AP: 5,4</p>

Junior Olympic Fencing 9-11
County Awards (All county,etc,)
School Awards
varsity Cross Country</p>


Intel ISEF Science Fair 1st Place
regional science fair, 1st place
Science Paper Publication
Small regional awards</p>

Congressional Medal (Silver)</p>

President of community organization
Editor in chief of newspaper
Treasurer of Model UN
Captain of Varsity Fencing
Captain of Chess Team
Founder and President of a Community Service organization (Raised a couple of thousand)</p>

<p>Work Experience:
Job from 9th grade- present
Internship at a big company (Fortune 500 company)</p>

<p>Um, chance you for which schools?</p>

<p>ooo sorry, uhh ivies (specifically wharton) + chicago + MIT</p>

<p>Okay, you're an Asian with extremely high scores, so here's what I would emphasize to set you apart from all the other Asians with extremely high scores:</p>

<p>Your job since 9th grade
Your prestigious internship
The community service organization you founded
Your passions</p>

<p>You really need to communicate those things in your essays and on the supplements. If you do that effectively in a way that showcases your personality, you've got a really good shot for all the schools you mentioned, probably a low-reach. If you don't do that effectively, you're probably a mid-to-high reach.</p>

<p>okk thanks :)
anybody else?</p>

<p>uh...your perfect SAT is getting you to wherever you want to go!</p>

<p>hahaa noo i was lucky, i feel like my GPA is gonna drop though in senior yearr</p>

<p>^lol, that happens to everyone :P.</p>

<p>You have a great chance at the schools you listed, not really because of the standardized test scores, because those are common, but more because of your extracurricular achievements. The research awards alone will help you immensely, but besides that, you've also done so many other things with your time. But then again, I'm only a high school graduate/college freshman, so you probably shouldn't take my chancing too seriously :p.</p>

<p>Why Wharton?</p>

<p>ooo i mean't like
1st quarter senior year i'm gonna end up with a 3.90, do you know what GPA range of the average accepted applicant to the ivies? </p>

<p>thankss! :) i really appreciate it
I like wharton because of the business environment, I"m actually going for Vagelos LSM because of my interested in both science and business.
Any other opinions?</p>

<p>so you only took 2 APs? Since you're a senior I recommend you take A LOT more. Ivys look for about 7 or 8. Your SAT scores are great especially those 800 subject tests! Your ECs are good too because you do things that you want to do:) I admire that:)</p>

<p>hahaa I just took 7, but i didn't get the scores back yet :/...
thanks :)
anybody else? be brutally honest pleasee, tear my application apart if you have to! :)</p>

Ivys look for about 7 or 8.


<p>Out of curiosity, why 7 or 8?</p>

<p>He's making it up. Some schools only offer some AP's. My school as a whole only offers 7 APs, and it's physically impossible to take all of them. What he's trying to say it "Ivies look for academic rigour," which is true.</p>

<p>yup every school is different
your counselor will evaluate your course rigor</p>


<p>bumpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp cmon guyss</p>

<p>what are my chances? :/</p>