Saint Anselm Class of 2022 Early Action

Saint A’s my parent’s alma mater and one of my top choices. I applied EA a month ago. Has anyone received acceptance yet from Saint A’s?

My son applied EA back in early October as well. We have not heard back yet either. At an info session on campus the admissions rep said since they do a lot of traveling in the fall they generally don’t look at any applications until November 15. Good luck

Thank you :slight_smile: Best wishes to your son.

Any one receive EA letters yet

Not yet…waiting!!

The website says we should get letters by January 15th… hope it’s sooner than that!

I received my acceptance yesterday with an honors program invitation :slight_smile:

Did you get a letter in the mail (?) or was it by an email? Thanks - congrats to you - what school are you in at SAs?

I received my letter in the mail :slight_smile: My intended major is History.

Thank you - Congratulations again!

I got my letter today! accepted into the honors program with a good scholarship, I’m so thankful!! Good luck to everyone :slight_smile:

Son was accepted today. He is excited.

got accepted into honors college with 22K scholarship!!

What is everyone’s majors - any Nursing students hear yes yet?

Accepted with honors +22K scholarship. Politics major.

Applied in October. Still waiting. Hoping shortly

Still haven’t seen any nursing students accepted yet?

Maybe because Nursing applications are on a different timeline, acceptances will be sent out later?

My son just got his acceptance letter in the mail today! Honors college invite and in the Nursing school. Very happy!! Good luck to all

I’m waiting for my son to get home to open his mail. Ugh… lol