Saint Anselm Class of 2025 EA

Has anyone heard back on EA ?

My daughter heard back Saturday November 14th

We are waiting for the nursing program. And you?

I am waiting for nursing as well.

I should have given more information, my daughter was accepted into nursing, we are in state. She received her acceptance packet on November 14th with 27k in merit.

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Congratulations! Is it one of her top choices?

She really is just waiting to hear back from everyone and then make a decision.
How about you?

D just got her acceptance to nursing well. Nice merit package. One of her top picks. She is very happy. We are in CT. Congratulations to all. :slight_smile:

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My oldest daughter (St Anselm class of 2011) really, really loved St. Anselm. They really take care of our precious daughters - good choice. She went on to grad school at Vanderbilt, etc. Too bad I can’t get my youngest daughter on board - has to go her own way.

That is my strategy as well. Did anything show up on the portal or was it just a mailed packet?

Congratulations! Did you hear by email, portal, mail or a combination of both?

St A’s is old school. They notify via mail. It was s blue folder with acceptance, info and a little 2025 blue pennant. My son got acceptance (undeclared) s week before Christmas with $27K merit.

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I agree that St .Anselm is old school, I think that some schools like UNH students are looking at their portal and it is not set up for them to discover their acceptance, they are finding out in a way that it is not intended. I think UNH intends for students to find out in the mail but with the size of the school and the amount of acceptances some students discover in their portal.

Schools like BC that have so many applications send out their admission in an an email with the date declared a few days earlier.

Having seen your name on the UNH and BC thread it is safe to assume you are a great student @Livvyxoxo and I have no doubt that you are qualified for any of these schools nursing programs. I firmly believe though that a nursing program will only accept students that they feel will realistically attend their program despite the fact that a student is qualified or not. Hold tight, you will and probably already do have great choices!

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Thank you! BC is definitely a reach school for me, but I wanted to try! I am very grateful to have some amazing choices already, and it will be an exciting spring. Good luck to your daughter!

Did you hear back from St A’s yet?
Pm me , I’d like to share something with you.


Our son got in with a deans scholarship :slight_smile: We need to do some more research as we do not know too much about St A’s- he is thinking of studying business(finance / accounting, econ … not too sure though) we have not visited yet and really want to. If anyone has any input on campus vibe or surrounding area I’m all ears!

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I got into nursing and the honors college with a scholarship! Very grateful since I know how competitive the pool is. I am still waiting for a couple of decisions, but this is going to be a tough choice.

@rlc010203 The campus is very pretty. They have fun traditions, like gingerbread decorating competitions and hanging the class banner at the dining hall. It is small, and there is a larger ratio of girls to boys if that is something that matters. I do think a lot of students have cars- the nearby area didn’t seem particularly walkable when I visited, although I could be wrong. Manchester NH was a short drive away— my dad and I ate at a good diner! I don’t know a lot about the city though.

Saint Anselm also hosts presidential debates, and they seem to have several opportunities for students to get involved, if that is something that interests your son.

Some aspects I need to research more (and maybe would help you) is the religious aspect of campus and rumored grade deflation. Hope this helps!

@our4kds Will PM you now!

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Son is likely out based on financial aid package. St A’s doesn’t meet 100% of need, particularly with 2 other kids in college. He can go to UMass Amherst for $9K/year less based on their financial aid package. Still waiting on couple of reach schools, but finances are key.

Hi there, I was just curious if you made a choice on a school?