Saint Joseph’s University Class of 2023 EA/RD Applicant Thread

Just thought I should make a thread for this year. Feel free to discuss your application process, questions, or decisions relating to SJU. :slight_smile:

My Daughter’s third choice school applied EA
Gpa 3.9
Sat 1200

DS applied EA, but we haven’t visited. I have a strong preference for Jesuit schools and he likes them too. 29 ACT, GPA 3.4 UW 3.8 W. Would love to hear more about the school from those applying if it’s appropriate here!

I applied EA as well! I have 3.7 UW, 4.2 W GPA and 1370 SAT / 30 ACT, going for Computer Science.

@TS0104 , I visited this past summer and I absolutely loved the campus. The buildings are gorgeous and the faculty and students giving information throughout the tour were all so friendly. Also, I appreciate the location of the school; it’s in a much safer, cleaner area of Philadelphia. At the same time, it’s only a bus ride away from center city. After the tour, I put it as my top choice.

I would highly recommend that you and your son visit to experience the campus in real life!!

@TS0104 - My S19 applied EA as well and we have visited several times. It is a popular destination for our HS and we have many friends who have children there. I have never heard one bad thing about SJU. Great school spirit, pretty campus, good programs, great alumni, etc…I don’t think you can go wrong with SJU.

Hello! My son is currently a freshman at SJU and he loves everything about it. One of our main deciding factors was that everyone we talked to who went there or knew someone who went there absolutely loved it. It’s been a perfect fit for him. If you are going to visit, I would do it when classss arwbin swasion… we went in the summer and it was a quiet, yet the vibe right now on campus is awesome.

@2022mom when did he get his decision?

He applied early action and heard back fairly fast, dont remember exact date. No doubt your daughter will get in with her stats…for reference, my son had a 1260 and 3.9 GPA and got the Presidential scholarship and a grant so most likely she will also get some good money. Good luck with your process. Have a senior girl as well this year and going through process with her as well right now. Anxious to make decision, but then that also means she will be leaving soon?

Anyone hear back yet?

I don’t think you will hear anything till around 12/18-12/20 based on last years thread.

I was thinking the same thing @DCNatFan - wish it was sooner!

Be sure to follow @SJUAdmissions on Twitter, as they do a phenomenal job of posting updates on when the Red Envelopes are mailed. As I remember from last year, my daughter received her’s the week before Christmas and the envelope included scholarship notification as well. It was the perfect Christmas gift for our Hawk! THWND! Good luck to all and I hope you’ll decide to become a Hawk - it’s a fantastic school.

From the SJU Admissions Twitter Feed.

Decisions for Early Decision I & Early Action candidates will be released on 12/15.

@DCNatFan Thanks for the update! Only 11 more days!

Oh wow! Thank you @DCNatFan

Does it look like portal and regular mail or just regular mail? I am not on Twitter… :slight_smile:

@5050100 This was on twitter, “Early Action and Early Decision I announcements will be provided electronically on 12/15. Check your admission portal to ensure all materials have been received and contact details are accurate. #applySJU #beaHawk
So looks like it will be on portal.

@nanny1 - Thank you!

Just checked the portal and found this note.

“Decision letters for Early Action and Early Decision I applicants will be available here on Saturday, December 15, 2018 at 9:00 AM EST.”

Decisions are up on portal. D19 was accepted.