Saint Josephs University 2022 EA

anyone know when decisions come out?

red envelopes (acceptances) have been sent out by mail.

Red envelop arrived today - acceptance and $20.5K pa scholarship!

Rec’d today too. Accepted. $13,500 scholarship

Daughter received envelope today…$22,000! This makes St Joseph’s competitive with her other schools!

Accepted today with $22,500. We are over the moon as this is daughter’s #1 choice.

Waiting for our red envelope north of Boston. Wish they announced on portal. S got into Providence, that came yesterday. No merit and have to wait until mid Jan for FA. Some merit here would make us feel good!

Got ours yesterday- Presidential Scholarship 20,500. Very happy!

Was the 22,500 a Presidential Scholarship- just wondering what range of merit was? Our was 20,500.

Yes, the letter called it a Presidential Scholarship ($22,500).

@VikkiG5 not to hijack the thread, but Fordham has additional merit aid awards that are announced in February, so wait and see.

And congrats to all of you who received red envelopes! Philadelphia is a TERRIFIC college town - often overlooked in favor of Boston but, IMHO, a great option!

Did you find out on the portal that you were accepted before you received the red envelope?

No- think I saw somewhere that they are updating portal today.

Got our Red Envelope on Monday. Also got $13,500 merit scholarship. Not enough to make it competitive with state schools. Does anyone know if there is a chance of getting additional funding?

@mommfl, from looking at the website,I think FA is announced mid Jan. There are also some additional merit scholarships that can be applied for.

@VikkiG5, would that only be need based? I doubt we’re going to qualify for need based aid.

The additional merit did not sound like need based but require separate applications.

Red envelope still hasn’t showed up, but portal had him admitted to Honors college with $22,500 Presidential Scholarship. Not his #1 but in play with that type of award plus honors program.

My daughter received the Presidential scholarship as well. She is currently a freshman. She wrote a letter seeking additional money and they sent her another scholarship to apply for and she received that as well.

@momofvet Congrats to your daughter! Has she found it hard keeping up her gpa for the scholarship? Although my daughter has great grades in highschool, I know things get much more difficult in college.