Saint Lawrence vs Other Colleges for Student Athlete's

Hi all!

My son is a rising junior, so he has some time, but has been looking at colleges for about a year. He started looking early because he was considering playing D1 lacrosse, but after touring a few colleges interested in him he realized the schools he could get recruited to, weren’t a good fit for him. They were mostly too big. He’s very excited about Saint Lawrence and plans to visit next week. He’s a multi-sport athlete (football & lacrosse), loves to be in the gym, wants a school under 4,000 students and currently has a 3.5 GPA and scored 1220 on his PSAT’s. He should improve by about 100 points on SAT’s when he takes them in the spring after he takes a prep course. He is a bit of a home body, but all the kids at school like him and he is a leader on the field and in the classroom. He wants a school that really supports the student/athlete. Are the Saints a good fit for him and what other small colleges fit the profile for him? I heard Gettysburg (D3) might be one. He also likes Bates (D3) and Bentley (D2) has expressed interest in recruiting him when he becomes a junior in September. Any help is appreciated!

Sounds like a good fit! Check out Hobart as well. He might like Union too. If you’re looking at Gettysburg, I would look at Dickinson and Franklin & Marshall as well.

I assume he likes Bates because it’s test optonal? So is Bowdoin. Colby is not but the vibe might be more consistent with what he likes.

Are you willing to look in Ohio? Denison could be a terrific fit.