saint louis university seeking opinions? Safety? Fun? academics?

Please share thoughts and opinions about SLU. Any experience with the honors program?

My daughter graduated from SLU a few years ago and was a Presidential Scholar. She was accepted at some higher ranked schools, but chose SLU because of the scholarship. She was in the honors program. She loved it. She has a ton of friends that she still keeps in touch with. She loved her classes. She interacted with the Jesuits a lot. She has moved all over the world since she graduated and gravitates to Jesuit churches. Her professors were excellent. She majored in Economics with a minor in Math. She was very happy there. Oh, her honors classes were some of her favorites.

Thanks silverlady. My D received the pres scholar too–so it’s a front-runner. Thanks for your input!

My older son attended SLU and loved it. He met really great people and excelled in his classes. Now, my youngest is a freshman there and, while a different kid, he is loving SLU in every way! (just wishes the basketball team made the NCAA March madness…next year?) Current freshman is in the direct admit Physical Therapy program, which while intense, also offers great support and help. He is doing great~good roommate, joined a Fraternity, enjoying the full experience! As parents, we LOVE it! SLU is very engaging for parents. You get a lot of information and feel a part of the family. There is also a very active facebook group for parents with a mom in town, who helps everyone out when needed~a true community! Best of luck!

Academics are excellent and (just as importantly) students get good jobs afterwards. The school is known for producing high quality grads in the area. Their career services is also really responsive to employers – I hired someone from their MHA program and had such a good experience that I don’t even bother posting jobs on Indeed or other job sites anymore when I need a new analyst for my department – I just repost on SLU’s Handshake career site now. (Saves the headache of fielding through thousands of unqualified candidates every time we have a vacancy.) I think maybe because St. Louis is a bit of a provincial place, SLU has a lot of relationships like that with many employers in the area.