Saint Mary's 2012

<p>Hey -- just wanted to see if any Saint Mary's girls (alums and students) are on this board. If you are considering Saint Mary's, I encourage you to visit and fall in love with a wonderful school! Yes, I am a grad and a little bit biased (!) but if you want a school that will allow you to become the true you...SMC is it!</p>

<p>I agree, Saint Mary's is a wonderful school! I am also an alumni, and was back last June for my reunion, which was so much fun! Such a beautiful school, and the best 4 years of my life!!!</p>

<p>If anyone is lurking, check out ND's thread on "back-up" schools -- there is a lot of great SMC commentary.</p>

<p>Love it! Yes, SMC is a great school~true to their own tradition and part of a wonderful community. The best of both worlds!</p>

<p>Did AC419 decide on SMC?</p>

<p>In one of her posts, she said she'd be out of town until May 1. So waiting... </p>

<p>Thanks to Mdcamw and others for the SMC posts! Saint Mary's really is the best kept secret and we need to get the word out.</p>

<p>Thanks SMCMOM. I hope she decides to go!</p>