Saint Mary's College and LGBT Students

Hi there! I just recently got accepted to Saint Mary’s College- So excited!-. I just have one question that I forgot to ask. Is Saint Mary’s LGBT friendly? I came out this year and I know Saint Mary’s is a Catholic college, so that seemed like a good question to ask.

Congrats on your acceptance!

Hi! Almost all of the girls that attend SMC are very nice and accepting. However, there is only a handful of LGBT kids on campus. That being said, I believe there is a gay-straight alliance as well as a small LGBT community on Notre Dame’s campus. I have never heard of any institutionalized bias against the LGBT community at SMC. Any unfriendliness from the student body probably has more to do with the general conservatism of the Notre Dame campuses, not necessarily the Catholicism.

I’m sorry, I don’t know if that helped or made it worse!