Saint Mary's College - Notre Dame, IN

<p>I have two daughters at Saint Mary's and if you're considering this school, I can tell you that it is a really special place! My oldest daughter first found Saint Mary's online and after a visit there, her search was over. She did not go looking for a women's college, but was looking for a small, Catholic liberal arts college. Our family never imagined that our kids would end up at the same place...but as we searched various schools in the Midwest for my youngest, over senior year it became clear where she wanted to be. After visiting at Accepted Students Day and talking with professors, she decided Saint Mary’s (which was originally her #2 school) was a better fit for her. </p>

<p>The rigorous academics, quality of the professors, and four years of interaction with these amazing people really tipped the scales for her. In addition, this school has outstanding leadership from President Carol Mooney, a new student center/dining hall, a planned new academic building, and a small supportive atmosphere. The campus is gorgeous all four seasons! This is an excellent school for you to consider.</p>