saint marys in maryland

<p>Does anyone know what medical schools people from saint marys get accepted to? How is this school acedemically?</p>


<p>Academically, St. Mary's is the closest thing to a private liberal arts school you're going to find in a public institution. In short, it's a real value. I've met their president and came away very impressed with the attention to student needs and educational quality. You really don't see that at most public schools, even at most private schools! The campus is stunning - right on the water with beautiful brick buildings. The dorms are quite nice. The focus is on liberal arts, the science facilities are very good for a school of its size and there is lots of individual attention and mostly smaller classes. You'd probably want a car as the campus is somewhat isolated. I don't know the specifics about medical schools - why not email admissions and ask them?</p>

<p>I'll just add that I agree with carolyn.</p>