Saint Olaf College ED/RD Class of 2022 Thread!

A fresh thread for those who are also applying to St. Olaf College, be it either ED or RD. Any other fellow ED applicants out there?

Good luck to all awaiting news. 14 days and counting for ED applicants, plus snail mai time? I’m not 100% certain but I believe the letter is delivered via snail mail. Maybe that means they mail them out before the first, or it could be a few days after. It does seem like an excruciatingly long wait.

Good to see you’re still here. Results will be available to view online on February 1st, I think. The wait is soooo long, especially since a lot of people who need finaid apply ED and I feel like my application wasn’t that special. How’re you guys holding up?

@bali4president My D is holding up much better than I am. She feels very confident. She has some moments of doubt but it’s a very busy time at school right now, and that helps take her mind of it. But me, on the other hand, I’m frantic, trying to find the best FA package somewhere else as back up and convince her the schools that might be comparable in FA packages (unlikely if the NPC is accurate) could also be a good place for her…

It’s hard as a parent when your financial need is great and your kid found a place that really checks all the boxes of things she wants, and works financially, to NOT worry about the outcome.

I wouldn’t assume your application isn’t special. It sounds like it most certainly is. I am definitely rooting for you and hopefully you and my daughter will both be in the class of 2022!

Are you meditating? How are you holding up?

Yeah, it surprised me how many people (me included) are depending on a finaid package they haven’t even received yet - it’s ridiculous. Did y’all apply ED? If you applied ED and your daughter is as enthusiastic as she says she’ll probably get in. Whatever happens, you’re a good mom for worrying about her college apps.

As for the meditation, I do practice it but I regret including it in my essay as it probably made me look like a very floaty person whilst this is not the case at all. Do you mind sharing what your essay topic was on?

February 1st can’t come soon enough.

@bali4president First of all writing about meditation doesn’t make you look like a floaty person. It makes me think of a young adult who found a healthy way to deal with stress, and learned early the importance of self care. I assume you’ll continue to meditate in college, which might initially be stressful? And I think I mentioned to you before I believe they have a place dedicated to mediation. I’ll do some research for you.

Being authentic is something admissions is going to see and appreciate. My D completed her own application, wrote her own essay. She didn’t have the help of an “admission coach” (I didn’t know those existed). What admissions sees is truly her. Schools see a lot of students with near perfect ACT scores and perfect grades that look really “polished”.They cannot be truly diverse if every student they admit looks exactly the same.

Saint Olaf is a place that I TRULY believe is reading applications holistically and doesn’t want an incoming class of students to look the same. How would we ever grow if only surrounded by one type of person?

You are more than your grades and your ACT score, much more. Be confident in who you are and your application. I think you’re going to be fine.

That being said, it’s always good to have a back up plan that is also a great place. Are you happy with the other schools you applied to? My D and I learned this lesson the hard way, and the school she thought was her first choice probably wouldn’t have been as great a fit for her as St. Olaf. But having another school that works for you is just good practice.

I still think you’ll get in and I’ll send positive thoughts your way until you get happy news!

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Does anyone know if they send the decisions by email or regular mail? #stoked

The word on the street is they will go out either tomorrow or Monday by snail mail It’s seems like forever, I know. But you’re almost there! Positive thoughts your way. You’ve got this!


@bali4president check the portal!!!
My D has a status update!!!

Those who were admitted today, congratulations!
Has anyone receive any merit aid information?

No update here . What does it say for you guys?

She got in. I’ll have her message you. I know she’s been watching this thread very carefully. And anxious to see how you are doing. Congratulations to the class of 2022. I’m guessing everyone will get updated soon!

Congratulations guys!!! So glad to hear that. Now im just hoping mine is gonna get updated soon

My D received an email around 6 pm tonight that her status had been changed. Got a nice surprise when she logged in. She is an Ole!

@Robert512 My D received her email 6:17, but she didn’t see it until almost 7:30. Neither one of us was expecting it tonight and she wasn’t checking her email. Congratulations to your D!!!

She has a code to activate the admitted student site of the website but she keeps getting an error stating her info doesn’t match. Did your D register successfully to the website?

@bali4president Don’t fret, I bet you hear very very soon. Please keep us posted.

Have you seen anything about your FA package yet?

Dang this post really messed with my sleep tonight - it’s 6 AM, I got max 2-3 hours of sleep, and I have to interview voters tomorrow. Lol

My D was able to activate her admitted student account where we should be able to see the FA package but the page is blankish…it says login but it’s not a link, and there is a message about activating her admitted student account, which she did. I don’t know if that just means the FA isn’t uploaded yet, or if we are logging in incorrectly?

Has anyone else experienced this or have any insight?

Maybe we just have to wait for the letter?

My D was ready to pay her deposit last night but I told her to wait until we see the package.