I am a mining engineer currently working at a corporate office. I am a US Permanent Resident but I am from a country where French is the official language along with several local Languages.
I am tired of being an engineer. I have decided to change career and I intend to apply for admission for US top international relations MA programs (SAIS-SIPA/MIA-HKS/MPAID-SFS) for Fall 2011. I am currently taking Principles of Microeconomics and Principles of Macroeconomics at a local community college to boost my chances. I got my MS from the Univ of Nevada. During my graduate studies, I took Financial Mangement, Operations Management and Mine Economics along with my engineering courses. Of course my quantitative background is outstanding.
Questions: What are my chances of admission into any of these schools? If no chances, what can I start doing now before deadlines for Fall 2011 in order to strenghten my application?