<p>Do you know any information about ship officer's salary after their graduation from Great Lakes Maritime Academy or U.S.M.MA ??
AND the important question is:
is there any possibility that foreign students can work for same salary with american citizens after graduation from maritime academy? Or they make less money than U.S citizens??</p>

<p>If what you care about is money... don't come. But we are the best maritime training academy in the nation, and we get many job offers before we even graduate. Third Mates usually get paid around the same amount though.
I'm not exactly sure what the deal is with foreign students though, we have a relativley large amount of Panamanians, but where you come from does not effect how much you will be paid.</p>

<p>please correct me if i am wrong, but from what the upperclassmen and some teachers say a third mate or third engineers pay usually varies around 15,000, give or take depending on what company of type of ship</p>

<p>"If what you care about is money... don't come."</p>

<p>you will be suprised when 1/2 of your company when asked during indoc say they came here to make money</p>

<p>thank you for your information.and i wanna ask you
if i come to USSMA.Do you exclude me and foreign students?
i have to know sorry..</p>

<p>because some of our captains said that to us in class.(i am studying Deck sophomore class.)</p>

<p>Foreign Students aren't excluded, but they are often joked around with in a friendly manner, some comments that may seem insulting, aren't meant in that way.</p>

<p>i m sure they dont wanna do that.but we dont know your culture and your jokes.but thank you for your ideas.i will becareful and never joke to someone :)</p>

<p>'' from what the upperclassmen and some teachers say a third mate or third engineers pay usually varies around 15,000 ''
USMMA2009 are u sure.its not possible.</p>

<p>yes, u.s. officers are paid much higher. that us why the u.s. merchant shipping is shifting to foreign flag ships. foreign flag vessels can operate much cheaper and pay their crew less</p>

<p>ok put is this way...i know a 2005 graduate that makes 10,000 as a third mate on a cruise ship. he also said that cruise ships typically pay the least. I also have heard an alumni that worked as a third mate for Polar Tankers that was making around 18,000. it all depends what company and what type of ship</p>

<p>i will be an international student in SUNY maritime Academy or CAL maritime academy.Can i earn the same salaries ?or How much can i earn as a third mate?</p>

<p>It all depends on what kind of ship and what nationality is the ship. US merchant ship officers are well paid, approx. $10,000 per month. However, because they are so well paid, as well as a host of other legal and financial issues, there are fewer and fewer US ships. Most ships are now crewed from other countries, which pay significantly less. US Government ships pay government salaries and the US Navy pays Navy rates. ROTC is Reserve Officer Training Corps - the university training to become a service officer. I am not familiar with the rules for foreign students other than the materials described in the previous links. A good reason to train in the US is you are qualified to take the US Coast Guard license exams - excellent training whereever you end up working. However, I also understand the UK, Germany and Denmark have excellent training.</p>

<p>Look.We will pay 22.000$ per year to Maritime Academy (CAL Maritime or SUNY Maritime)for four year all costs are 90.000$.
After graduate. How many years does it take to pay of school tution?
that's what i confuse..</p>

<p>SUNY Maritime grad here... my first job out the door was 3rd Mate on a rusty old bulk carrier hauling grain to Africa. </p>

<p>$75,000 per year, based on working 182 days per year.</p>

<p>Union Hall jobs, like a 3rd Mate on the Sealand Mercury is temporary assignment for 4 months, but at $17,000 a month you come home with a much heavier wallet.</p>

<p>That's not a SUNY Maritime-based figure either. I have sailed with Cal Maritime, KP, MMA, and Maine Maritime grads, it's the same wherever you come from. The company sets the salary/wages, where you graduated from is NEVER a factor in seagoing wages. All that matters in the end is having the LICENSE.</p>