Salisbury and Safety

<p>Salisbury is my first choice for my daughter, but read very disturbing reviews from current students on safety, esp in the neighboring town. Obviously that is a huge concern for us. I am not sure how recent the posts are. Can someone give an update from parent's perspective? Thanks</p>

<p>This appears to be my daughters top choice at present. I too have been very skeptical of the safety issue. However, on the second visit, during semester, we stayed the night and she spent an overnight on campus, arranged through mutual friends. She loved it. Most times students are the victim is traveling from campus to off-campus housing and at night and parties. Thus, I will remark on "off-campus housing".
I was very concerned over the neighboring areas and drove around at night to see what was going on and did not see much at all but had a conversation with two Salisbury cops. Said that this was a very good school. Do not really have problems. On campus covered by SU police. Off-campus they said, not much in the way of students being victimized. That said, all should use caution and travel in groups at night. My son is at a university in a urban area and I think almost every 2 weeks a kids gets robbed after 100am and with half of the kids were drinking.
Anyway, cops said if not on main campus, University Park is best and avoid private apartments/houses. Another complex is under construction off Dykes Rd and S. Division. Will be open in fall 2013, looks to be the same caliber as University Park. I did walk through the apt that were open and under construction. Not all that big but....
Cops recommending avoiding University Village due to its distance from campus and most calls they get are at that complex. Recommended staying in the approved off-campus housing areas, or off Camden but does not seem like much off-campus student housing available there.
University Park (UP)- is considered "on-campus housing". It is an apt complex, has blue lights, patrolled by SU police, Salisbury police. All residents are students of SU, UMES or community college. Has 880 residents, about 75% of 660 are SU students.
University Village (UV)- is similar to UP, is the cheapest. Spoke to soph. who lives there any reports no problems.<br>
Both of these are in the shuttle loop to main campus.
University Orchard (UO)- is scheduled to open in Fall 2013. Marketing itself as "luxury" or deluxe apts, with a list of amenities. Up to 648 residents. They expect 90% SU students. They are renting for 715-765 per person for 12 month leases. I was in the open ground floor 2 bd units and honestly, I thought they were small.<br>
There said it will be patrolled by SU and Salisbury police. NO BLUE LIGHTS here. No reason given, I suspect it was a cost factor.
Safety related to housing to and from school and at night. These see to be ok and got it together but think UO should have bucked up the money to install blue light system.
On another point...
If you google "salisbury" and university xxxxx, you should find there websites to look at.
All three of these report incidents to SU and the student code of conduct is in force. How much is unknown to me.
As for cost, UO is very high in cost comparison and is a for-profit operation. Off-campus housing for Boston College is LESS expensive than this by almost $100 per month.</p>

<p>My son attends Salisbury University. He is a sophmore living off campus. I believe the school now requires all freshman and Sophmores to live on campus. I do know that a female student was attacked and molested in Fall 2011. She was hospitalized. She ventured off campus alone at night. My son also had a friend who was in the University Park complex (I think) and was shot in the arm by a stray bullet from a passing car. He was not seriously injured. In fact, he did not realized he was injured for about 30 or so minutes. </p>

<p>I think the University campus is lovely, but there are some terribly seedy areas of Salisbury. I did get the impression that the campus police and local police are very, very involved in trying to maintain safety.</p>

<p>My son really loves this University and is very happy there. He has not experienced any personal safety threats. It was a good decision for him from an academic standpoint.</p>

<p>My daughter is deciding between Salisbury Univeristy and Mount St. Mary's University for Elementary Education. I, too, am very worried about the crime stats in Salisbury. I do know that a student was attacked and sexually assaulted on campus in March 2012 by a local who wandered onto campus. The victim was walking across campus alone between 2-3 a.m. Even on campus, students should use the escort service if they need to walk alone late at night. Off campus, I've heard a few scary stories about home invasions and armed robberies. If anyone is still reading this thread and has any first hand knowledge on crime in Salisbury and whether it is common or uncommon for students to be victimized please share.</p>