Salisbury School CT

Hi, I am a past parent of a Salisbury School alum (class of 2018). Please ask me any questions.

Nice to see another Salisbury parent! My son is currently a junior.

How has your sons experience been there, afraid to say my family is not Salisburys biggest fan.

I am checking out Salisburys for friend’s twin boys, so may I ask why you are not a fan?

Hi, do they arrange social activities for the boys to meet with girls from other schools?

@WyceeLiu, I sent you a PM. Happy to answer any questions that I can!

If your friend’s boys have accepted admission at Salisbury, I highly recommend they reconsider. As a current parent who is watching their incompetence unfold in the midst of COVID outbreak, I could only suggest anyone run quickly from this group of snake oil salesmen.

They tell you they provide so many resources and claim to “do everything right for boys”. Lie. They do everything right for their bottom line. It’s a shameful con job they do on incoming families. Don’t believe anything they tell you.

My son is currently at Salisbury, so reading the few comments here, some quite negative but without real context, I thought I’d put in my two bits. My son has had a great experience at Salisbury. The teachers are for the most part excellent - from our experience but also from my son’s, and he is a tough critic. The school spirit is high, the facilities fantastic, and the ethos of educating gentlemen something that they seem to take seriously. Having other kids in other schools, I have witnessed how Salisbury transitioned to distance learning as a result of covid, and they have done quite well under the circumstances, certainly better than the other schools I have witnessed. If your boy is not for Exeter or Groton, if you like the idea of a smaller school in a lovely, remote setting, with dedicated and talented teachers, Salisbury may be perfect. It has been for us.

Hello, we are considering Salisbury for our son entering 9th grade. He loves history and engineering, debate but hasn’t played sports. Can you please comment on the culture at Salisbury outside of sports, how strong the academics are, engineering? How are the boys disciplined? Is it a punitive approach? He questions things, and values freedom (appreciates structure, too, though) Is this something that would be welcomed at Salisbury? TIA