A discussion for applicants of the Salisbury 2022 incoming class. Keep us updated on any news you get! Also ask questions and hopefully we can help each other out.

Applied on November 22,2017… waiting for a response!

Has anyone recieved there acceptance letters for class of 2022 yet? Application and all materials were in by Dec 1 and have no updates yet.

Yes, DD submitted her application in mid-october and heard her decision in mid November.

Thank you lifegarding. What is the major? My son is still waiting on another college too. It seems some majors are taking longer. His major is Mathematics.

Has anyone who applied for Mathematics major been accepted yet?

Is there anyone still waiting for there acceptance letter? My son applied on Dec 1 with all materials attached. There has not been any update on his portal other then reviewing . I hope to hear back form others that are still waiting for a response.

So happy my S finally got a update on his portal he has been accepted !!