Sally Satel

<p>Despite Brown’s reputation for being the most liberal ivy, we’ve produced our fair share of prominent conservative thinkers, including a republican senator, congressman, and governor.</p>

<p>I was just reading about another conservative alum. Though, frankly, she seems to have a few screws loose <a href=“[/url]”></a></p>

<p>I'd say Brown's definate most conservative and most insane alumni, who I'm sure is one of the few famous alumni the University isn't proud of, is George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party. I believe that during one of his many runs for presidency of the US in the 60s he tried to go on a college speaking tour. Brown gave him difficulty (though I believe he eventually did speak on campus, to many protests), and he complained that his alma matter was controlled by "communists and Jews." Not a graduate to be proud of but I think its pretty interesting.</p>

<p>Chafee hardly counts as a conservative senator....</p>

<p>She doesn't sound that crazy. I have often thought many similar things, although never really that strongly. It is ridiculous that we can't play dodgeball, and that whenever anything goes wrong, people look for someone to sue. That is just escaping responsibility.</p>

<p>It seems like I'd strongly disagree with her political views but would largely agree with her psychological views. I believe that people are taught that suffering and sadness should be eliminated rather than lived with, dealt with, and accepted. I also believe that people are overmedicated. I am not saying that I do not belive that chemical balances exist (haha... Tom Cruise... what an idiot). I definetely belive in clinical depression. However, I think that the whole field needs to stop striving to make people perfect and teach them instead to accept their flaws.</p>