Salve's Retention Rate

<p>Although we value everyone’s opinion, it is very important to us that students and families researching Salve Regina through this website and forum receive the most accurate information regarding our university. Our most recent retention rate at Salve Regina from first to second year is 84%, well above the national average. Additionally, our most recent 4 year graduation rate is 69%, and the most recent 5 year graduation rate is over 71%, again, far exceeding the national average.</p>

<p>I have an incredibly hard time believing that. Salve is known as a transfer factory, and an all-around terrible school. To be honest, I have no sympathy for anyone who transfers out of Salve. In this age, when thousands of pages of information about schools are at our fingertips, there is no excuse for choosing such an educational abomination.</p>

Is Salve still a “transfer factory” as described above? Is it still primarily women–College Board says its only 29%
men and 71% why so few men? Is Newport really dead except for the summer when students are not around? Just trying to separate the marketing info from reality. Thanks everyone…