Same ACT forms?

<p>Is it true that most of the ACT test forms are the same? Word around my school is that most of the ACT test forms are the exact same. Is this true or is this not true? I was always under the impression that they were never the same.</p>

<p>Do you mean from test date to test date or do you mean are they the same for students who test on the same date?</p>

<p>The same test date.</p>

<p>Yeah they can be the same if they are on the same date.</p>

<p>So people can in fact cheat...? I wonder why they don't change the forms.</p>

<p>Cheating by looking over at your neighbor's answer sheet is highly unlikely, unless you have a lazy proctor who sleeps instead of administering the test or if you take your tests in circle groups.</p>

<p>I think the distance between test takers makes sure they cannot see each other' test paper~</p>

<p>Well, my friends had a proctor who all she did was sew the whole entire time. She just sat at her desk, and only walked around once. Twice if you count the time she went to the restroom. my friend said he looked off a girl for the most of the math section. Is he gonna do well?</p>