- Same Situation -

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<p>"So, um, SAT nightmare..help, please." </p>

<p>I skipped a multiple choice block (Section 5) and put the Section 5 answers in Section 6, and therefore Section 6 in Section 7. By the time I got to Section 7 in the test book, I realized what I had done and frantically copied down the letters for my answers for both sections in rows. Then, I did most of Section 7, stopping with about three questions to go. I erased all of the bubbles and began bubbling in the actual Sections 5 & 6 and also filled in what I had for Section 7. I had time to do one more question in that section, and time was up (a couple were left blank..).</p>

<h2>Yeah, pretty miraculous that I somehow saved it (ish). But my concern now is that the computer will pick up the 3489408543 eraser marks (I tried to get rid of all of them) and mark all of those questions wrong. The thing is, hand scoring is $50, which is even more that the actual test cost. Should I get rush delivery and THEN see if the scores seem too low to be graded correctly, deciding from there whether to get it hand scored? How fast is rush delivery? Should I just get hand scoring now and not worry about it? Help!</h2>

<p>I am facing same problem :( </p>

<p>but what is really "hand scoring"</p>