Same thing...chances

<p>I really love Williams. I went there for their multicultural program in Oct and it was amazing. But my SATs sure aren't. Any hope at all for me be accepted at Williams?</p>

<p>Black Male in TX
GPA: 3.6 uw, 4.2 w
Rank: Top 13%
SATs: 660w (10 essay), 620 cr, 600 m
SAT 2: Took U.S. history yesterday, taking lit and math 1 january</p>

Sr Year
AP English
AP Stats
AP Spanish
AP Gov
AP Econ</p>

<p>Jr Year
AP English lang
Honors pre-cal
Honors physics
AP U.S. History
Honors Spanish</p>

Editor-in-Chief of newspaper (9-12)
Junior Optimist Octagon Int'l Vice President (10-12) my favorite club; well over 150+ hours of community service here alone.
National Honors Society (11-12)
Future Business Leaders of America (11-12)
Health Occupation Students of America (11-12)
Spanish Club (10-12)
UIL Academics Team (11-12)
Boys Varsity Tennis team (9-12)</p>

<p>Other Info
Went to Northwestern U's National High School Institute - Journalism Division this summer; only 88 students out of thousands are selected to attend; instructor said I was one of the best students he ever saw.
Intern for NBC 5 in Dallas for the next five years; got the job through the Emma Bowen Foundation; write scripts for news broadcasts, do interviews for reporters stories that air on tv; started in August.
Went to DFW/ABC journalism workshop where I was news editor of newspaper distributed nationally; anchor of tv broadcast and radio broadcast</p>

MVP of tennis team in 2003 and 2004; made all-district team past two years; won mutiple tennis tournaments
Won $200 scholarship from DFW/Assoc. of Black Communicators
1st place in Current Events, UIL District competition
4th place in Current Events, UIL Region competition
1st place in News writing, UIL District competition
3rd place in News writing, UIL Region
3rd place in News Writing, UIL State</p>

<p>Recs and essay
Rec from journalism teacher, saying I was the best journalist she's seen in the past 10 years. Essay about me losing my struggle through tennis in my early years playing and finding out how to persevere thourgh a stretch of playing bad tennis.</p>


<p>did you take the AP exams? What are your scores? Your resume seems actually very good and I think you have a good chance of getting in. My SAT 1 w has the same score with you including the essay. your critical reading part is a little bit than mine. i got 600. :( i really think that you have big chance of getting accepted. good luck! :)</p>


<p>I wouldn't sell your chances short. Keep in mind that you are competing against the pool of African-American males. Unfortunately, Af-Am males with the qualifications for selective high-end colleges is in short supply. Out of all categories of applicants, qualified black males are the absolutely most challenging for high-end colleges to find and enroll. I read one admissions dean recently pointing out that only 1 in 2 black males in the United States finishes high school, so once you start looking at top academic performers, the applicant pool gets very small.</p>

<p>I wouldn't hazard a guess as to your specific odds, but you have a very strong academic record and I don't see any reason that you wouldn't have a real chance at Williams. I don't know the exact percentages, but you are probably among the top couple of percent of Af-Am male college applicants in the country.</p>

<p>I agree with interestedad. If you are good enough to be a tennis recruit (have you spoken with the coach?) you are as good as in considering your total package. Even if not, I would say you have at least a 50/50 shot. Your extracurriculars seem very unique and you should be able to portray yourself as someone who will really add to campus life, particularly in terms of writing and journalism. Of course the URM status does not hurt. If you are only a junior, I would definitely try to retake the SAT and boost your score 50-100 point, if you can raise your score 100 points, you should be in at almost any school of your choice, including Williams. As is, you are still very competitive at Williams and other top LAC's and ivies.</p>

<p>Tennisbv, you have a lot of good things going for you that will be of interest to Williams. No guarantees, of course, but I don’t think your SAT scores will keep you out as you have so many positive points to compensate. </p>

<p>Just make sure that your application showcases your EC involvement in journalism and tennis. I’d suggest that you attach separate activities resumes listing your accomplishment and awards. Maybe you could get that Northwestern instructor to write a supplementary recommendation for you.</p>