SAMS at Carnegie Mellon 2019-2020 Discussion

Hi, I just wanted to create this as a discussion place for people applying to the SAMS program this year at Carnegie Mellon. I do have one question though. What are you guys writing for the description of participation part for your extracurricular activities? Is just I’m a member of x, y, z club or do you have to get specific of what you do and what happens in your extracurricular?

Im starting my app today! Try looking through the forum started by that one SAMS alum in 2017. Also, does anyone know if certain subjects are weighed more over another in apps? I currently have a B in Calculus AB ut am working to turn it into an A, so I havent requested a transcript yet. In terms of standardized testing, I still haven’t taken the SAT, so will my application be weaker if I only turn in a PSAT score?

I’m starting my app today as well. @haisuu I don’t think it will be any weaker as many juniors take the SAT in the spring, so many kids probably don’t have that score available. Does anyone know what CMU actually looks for in a SAMS applicant? I read through the forums from previous years and many students had high grades and very good extracurriculars, yet they were rejected.

I attended SAMS last year and my brother is applying this year. I don’t think you can guess what they are looking for because they are looking at their program holistically.

@alex098943 and @haisuu have you both submitted your applications yet? My brother submitted on 11/20 and hasn’t heard from them yet. I had an acceptance 7 days after I submitted last year. SAMS conversations are quiet on CC this year. Just wondering if anyone has heard an acceptance or denial yet?

Hi, I’m a current sophomore who is thinking about applying, but my PSAT score is kinda low. Do you think I have a chance considering I have a 4.0 unweighted and around a 4.3-4.4 weighted and I’m really interested in the program??

@lamelah absolutely! There is no way to know what they are looking for. Kill your essays and apply. You are a sophomore and you don’t know what they will be looking for. I attended last year and there was some of everything!

@darkermuppet Thanks for the encouragement!!

@lamelah I attended SAMS last year as well and I too had a pretty low PSAT score, but that didn’t really seem to hinder me when they looked at my application. If anything, a lower PSAT can show room for improvement which is something they capitalize on with their SAT prep class that you have the choice to take. If you show a passion for STEM and show that you can grow from this program, then you honestly should be fine.

Has anyone started the application yet? I have seen people sharing the stats in the past about income levels. I don’t see anywhere in the application asking about income?

I turned in my application, and there was one question about income that I remember. It may have been for scholarship consideration for the Summer Session though.

@nml0512 Hey where are you applying for college?

@darkermuppet I’ve applied to UMich, CMU, Northeastern, CWR, Johns Hopkins, Virginia Tech, Caltech, and a few others. What about you??

Hey there guys I’m a SAMS alumni and if y’all have any questions you can always ask me for answers and any advice you need in applying and the steps you take after you get accepted

What were your stats? And what should I do to improve my chances of getting in when I haven’t won any awards and I haven’t really done anything big. I also lack leadership in my clubs.

My stats weren’t anything too special. I had a 4.7 gpa, i hadn’t taken the sat yet and only got a 1250 on the psat. I was pretty much in the same boat as you. The thing is CMU’s SAMS program takes a holistic look at the applicants. They can tell when an applicant has the potential but just needs a little kick in the pants to help them improve their stats. Your essays also have to be really good in order possibly make up for lower scores and grades

P.s if you get accepted there’s a group chat that has some alumni of the program

hello! i am also a sams alumni! i think you can dm me with questions but i’m really not sure how cc works tbh

wait who are you?

Hey, I submitted my application on Christmas, but I’m waiting for 2 LOR. They’ll be in by December 29,has anyone been accepted yet???