San Clemente Dorms

<p>I cant find much info on these Dorms on account on them being new and all. Can someone post some information on them. Pro's, Con's, Recommendations?</p>


<p>I'm also curious about them. I heard they're for graduate students but transfers sometimes get put in there? It wasn't given as an option for me on my transfer housing app though. Maybe it's just spill over. They look hecka nice though. And I think there is supposed to be a lot more room in them.</p>

<p>First off, they are not dorms, they are apartments.</p>

<p>I'm a transfer student and I lived in a San Clemente Apartment with 3 other students. It seemed like a good amount of the people living their were transfers and 4th years + the grad students.</p>

- Really nice and in good condition because they are new.
- Furnished with almost everything including a queen size bed.
- Several diferent laundry rooms close by.
- Study rooms all over the place
- Nice and quiet for studying
- <em>You get your own room</em>
- Good size rooms, I had my desktop PC with speakers as well as a 42" TV, no problems.
- You only have to share a bathroom with 1 other person unless your in a 1 bedroom apart.
- Comes with a nice kitchen
- While there are not that many events put on by the RC's, they often cook or have free food such as bagel Mondays.
- Garbage trucks make a ton of noise every few days
- Soccer games on the field can be annoying Saturday and Sunday mornings but they never woke me up.
- If your a stoner you don't have to worry about the smoke alarms going off in the apartments.
- Good location, close to IV, close to Campus.</p>

- Hard to meet people even your neighbors because a lot of the people there are grad students and don't really want to make friends.
- If you park in the smaller parking lot your car WILL get hit by some a-hole, mine was hit twice before I started parking in the parking structer.
- You can find cheaper housing but I think its a fair price.</p>

<p>Overall I really liked San Clemente and I'm going to be living their again this coming year.</p>

<p>I hastily wrote this, I'm sure I'll think of something else.</p>

<p>I should also say that if your a transfer student you might get lets say Santa Ynez housing. However right before the summer is over the UCSB housing office might email you and say "We have a spot open in a 4 bedroom San Clemente apartment, would you like it?" That happened to me. You could not apply for San Clemente housing unless your a grad student. Also after living in San Clemente they offer you a chance to stay in the apartments the following year, which I took.</p>

<p>You listed a couple cons in your pros haha. But good lists.</p>

<p>Yeah thanks Lucas.. Great info!</p>

<p>Sounds really great except for the part about it being kind of anti-social. But I guess I wont really worry about it since you cant apply for them anyways.</p>

<p>Also, can you give me an approx. cost for room and board? Just wondering..</p>

<p>I appreciate it.</p>

<p>I found this. It says it's an 11.5 month contract though... Kinda lame if you aren't planning on being there during summer.</p>

<p>Graduate</a> Apartments: Descriptions & Rates</p>

<p>Undergraduates don't sign a 11.5 month lease, that's for graduate students only. Undergrads sign a lease for fall, winter, and spring quarter. However you do have the option of staying there over the summer if you want.</p>

<p>Sounds like a perfect place to live my second year there..</p>

<p>Hey Lucas. Around what day did you end up getting your email for San Clemente? I was offered to take a survey regarding whether I wanted San Clemente, but have not heard if i got it yet!</p>

<p>Also do they house undergrads in the same room as graduate students or are they kept separate?</p>

<p>I got in to the 4 person :p</p>

<p>Congrats Jeff! When did you get your notice?</p>

<p>I got a phone call earlier today</p>

<p>hey lucas, you sure the beds are queen? I read on another site that they were xl full.</p>

<p>Ahhh! I just checked my caller id. I got the phone call too. I hope i can still call them back tomorrow! :/</p>

<p>yeah they'll put transfers in santa ynez and later ask if they want to go to san clemente since there is always space cause they can't fill it out with all grad students which they would prefer. However i think there is a screening process now that they want like student s who are in honors and stuff or who take their studies seriously like grad students. This is because 2 years ago they allowed new transfers to live in san clemente when it first open and they caused a lot of problems and were really loud so now they want only quiet people so san clemente i heard was more quiet this year. Also sometimes since you have your own room most people just stayed in their own rooms and keep to themselves. I had some transfer friends that all lived in a circle surrounding a court yard and it was very social, just depends sometimes if you live with friends or not, i would prefer it to living in a small dorm. There are pics online somewhere</p>

<p>Does any one know anything about the santa ynez apartments? I've heard TONS on the dorms, but I'm going into the apartments, and I wanted to know what santa ynez is like.</p>

Now that I think about it, i got a phone call from housing, not an email. My bad.</p>

The beds are XL full but because XL full is a hard size to find I bought a queen sized comforter. a queen sized mattress cover, and queen sized sheets, they worked perfectly.</p>

The first year they put transfer students in San Clemente they made the mistake of putting them all near each other (Donner Village I believe). Last year they scattered transfer students all throughout the different San Clemente villages to try and prevent parties. It was pretty rare that I heard or saw a party in San Clemente last year. One thing I do know is that they try to not mix transfer students with graduate students in the same apartment.</p>

<p>yeah in 08-09 school year they put them all in donner village, especially around the court yard and some in encinno, i think they tend you give the grad students priority so they put they in arrowhead and bradbury so they are closer to campus and the parking structure. yeah they separate undergrads and grads students but the first year in new a guy in one of my classes and he was an undergrad and one of the TAs from the class, not his, lived in the same apartment in san clemente. Yeah last year i heard it was pretty quiet this past school year. The soccer field in the back is still loud, the first year they open people complained of the road construction in the front and soccer in the back. Plus they rushed to open that they didnt have real curtains at first and no plants</p>

<p>uber-cast: i lived in santa ynez last year and the nice ones are the 400s cause 2 years agothey put new furniture and carpet in, and i think they the 100s last summer not sure but i remember them putting new beds in. The 200s and 300s have older furniture and not as nice, but still decent for the price and parking usually is not a problem. Some or most days santa ynez just feels far depending on where your class is. Also if you get the second floor you have high ceilings and make the room feel bigger and also have a balcony.</p>

<p>a visual tour of santa ynez to get an idea.....</p>

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<p>thanks for the reply ^_^.</p>

<p>Sweet I got a 400 for summer. Any way of knowing if you got an upper floor? I guess I will find out in a few days...</p>