San Diego State: Chances?????

SDSU is in my local area and my calculated GPA after putting in my courses is a 4.04 GPA. My major is Biology ( which is impacted). Would my chances increased if I applied as a biochemistry major? I know my GPA is good but I also know that are bunches of other students applying to San Diego State.

All majors are impacted but Biology is the the most applied major at SDSU.

2020 admit numbers are not yet available but for 2019 there were 8032 applicants and 2367 admits so a 29% acceptance rate. Average admitted GPA (not major specific) was 3.97 so it makes your GPA competitive.

Biochem has 1562 Biochem applicants and 591 admits so a 38% acceptance rate.

Apply to your 1st choice major either Biology or Biochemistry. Being local gives your priority. You will be compared to all applicants within each major so there is no way to determine where you stand.

Best of luck.

you have a good shot but, as you note, this won’t be a typical year.

I’d also apply to CSULB, UCR and UCSC - probably San Marcos and Fullerton too.

good luck.

Thank you!

If you’re 100% local (never attended college anywhere outside of San Diego) and going to Mesa, Miramar, or City you’re pretty much guaranteed to get in, especially with that GPA.

@Bre_Carreon: OP is a Freshman applicant not a Transfer so being local has priority but not a 100% guarantee but pretty close.