San Diego State University Class of 2027 Official Thread

Good to hear!

Mine too and physics we haven’t heard. Our fav that we know of is cal poly Pomona.

We’re leaning toward UC Davis, or Cal Poly slo.


As Cal State is public and in CA (a poorly run state many would agree) yes it is inefficient and not customer (student) focused like most bureaucracies unfortunately. . .be patient though. I’ve had two kids at Cal States and patience and polite persistence (on the part of the student, not the parent) is key. Wait til you find out how bad the dorm food is (post Covid especially). My DS3 dropped weight and got really skinny because he hated his Cal State dorm food so much he just didn’t eat and I worried about him (and it was overpriced with limited hours, at least in 2021). That said, he got through it and now is eating again as a soph and Cal State professors I’ve found are student-focused and great (admin, not so much). Students kind of have to learn to not sweat the small stuff. Housing is hard too. Dorms are crowded, off campus housing is expensive and hard to find. . .but that’s the norm in CA.


CS major, still waiting for decision.

I am not saying these are officially waitlisted apps that are hanging in limbo at SDSU or SLO, but the way they can truckle out until March 31 indicates to me that they may be holding back on some to see how many are quickly or accepting the earlier released decisions so they can get a feeling for yield so that they don’t over-enroll. UCSD officially waitlisted a lot of students but last year ended up enrolling a whopping 3000 off the waitlist. It’s a tough job nailing the perfect enrollment numbers


My kid as well. What is your kid’s career aspirations? My kid wants to do pre-med with this.

I agree with this theory, last year SDSU had such a high yield, that my freshman is in a class that has apx 1000 extra students. It’s the largest class ever to go through SDSU.
I would hope admissions, would be trying to avoid this again this year. Hence more on the waitlist.

My D was WL from UCI, UCSB & UCSD, and got off of 2 of the 3. I believe this is a better strategy than over admitting, even though being waitlisted was painful.

I can say, though housing for the most part is nice, it extremely over crowded. IMO it has caused a lot of extra stress on freshman. It’s not normal to live with 4 people in a room that’s basically made for 2.

Lastly, SDSU has become a more competitive and popular school, we were told the average GPA was 4.0 for the class of 2026. So the admit rate is going to go down.

Sorry if this post isn’t appropriate, but it’s hard to see the negativity. Yes, it’s torture to wait, but let’s hope they are trying to develop a more balanced class for 2027 and on because we have one more to go.


@Misa1 is on point with the explanation regarding over enrollment especially since SDSU took no one off the waitlist last. Over the years, many schools had higher than average enrollment yields, that have utilized the waitlist option to help with yield management and have been more cautious in the numbers they originally admit. All anyone can do is wait for a decision. Best of luck to all that are still waiting.


4 in a dorm room for 2? That sounds like hell to me. How can a kid study, sleep, or have any privacy in that set-up???

Many UC’s and CSU’s have resorted to a similar dorm room situation especially if they are over enrolled. That is why many schools are being cautious in the admit numbers. UCI specifically stated last year that they under admitted/enrolled to avoid such issues and ended up taking a decent amount of applicants off the waitlist.


My D is in a quad in Zura. The room is a basic double, but they added length by taking over the balcony, when it was renovated. I believe it was supposed to be a handicap room. For it’s a bit longer to fit the extra armoires. 1 bunk and 2 raised beds to fit desks & armoires underneath.
Honestly, most of the year it’s been fine with space, it’s been difficult over time with each person’s needs.
BUT my D LOVES​:heart::black_heart: SDSU, and will have a single room with a bathroom next year. It’s gone by so fast, they survive.

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Still waiting. Twins applied. History and Business majors. In state but not local. Disappointed that SDSU holds rejections till the end of the month. These are the very kids that need to have time to make different decisions, alternate plans. I am trying to plan for two children and applications across four states. ALL applications have been answered with a decision except SDSU. That is approximately 22 schools. Has put a wrinkle in planning, and moving forward on housing and financial aide. I have two friends children who were admitted to SDSU or wait listed end of this week. So maybe just wait listed and rejections to go? Still hopeful for my daughter especially. For all those waiting, wishing you success.


D23 hasn’t yet.

Is there gonna be more acceptances or probably not

Million dollar question??


If the class of '26 is much larger than anticipated, I too will be very surprised if SDSU isn’t relying on their waitlist to manage enrollment this cycle. With so many highly qualified students applying to many more campuses (UC, CSU, OOS public and private) to ensure they have suitable options, yield must be very difficult to predict! It has become a vicious cycle. I expect we’ll see acceptance rates decline and stats increase yet again at SDSU and other top-tier CSUs and the UCs.


So my son’s friend got into Business on Thursday with under a 4.0, while I saw posted here someone with a much higher GPA who was waitlisted. His friend does not have first generation status and is not local or OOS. This is where is gets confusing and hard to predict.

Again you cannot compare applicants unless you have seen the application. Did they take the exact same classes all 3 years? Did they have the same # of a-g courses? Did he have a slightly lower GPA but more rigor? Did they apply to the same Business major option since SDSU has several?

Did he give your son the correct CSU GPA from the application or was it from the HS transcript which might not be the correct calculated GPA?

Unless you stood over this student and knew every detail in the application, you cannot make comparisons.


What is his focus for business?

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