San Diego State - Which Major for Improved Chance of Admission?

My daughter will be applying to SDSU (and a few other CSU’s) with a 3.4 GPA. She is trying to decide on her major and she has it narrowed down to either Communication, Journalism or Spanish. I am curious if anyone has information on what which of those majors would be her best bet for getting in as a freshman. Thank you!

Happy to see you’ve talked her into applying to several schools.

That will give you a sense of admits by major last year. I don’t think any of them will be materially easier.

Chico, Sonoma and Monterey in N Cal, Fullerton, Northridge and CPP in So Cal all offer very solid programs AND a fun student experience AND are likely to admit her. Several of them have honors programs she might qualify for.

good luck.

Average CSU capped weighted GPA for 2019 admits at SDSU was 3.97. No data for 2020 admits.

Out of the 3 majors listed, General communications has the highest admit rate at around 40.4% for 2019, followed by Journalism at 30.7% and then Spanish at 24%. Also General Communications also had the most applicants vs. Journalism and Spanish.

What this data does not show is how competitive the applicants that applied to each were within that major. SDSU is impacted so all majors have limited capacity and there are more qualified applicants than spots.

My advice is your D should select the major which wants to pursue for the next 4 years. Changing majors is always possible later on but not guaranteed.