San Francisco

<p>What are some of your favorite dining places in the city?
Looking for good but not fancy restaurants.</p>

<p>You may want to search this forum for San Francisco. That question seemed to have been asked quite often.</p>

<p>I like Dosa. </p>

<p>[Dosa</a> South Indian Cuisine](<a href=“]Dosa”></p>

<p>And the Slanted Door.</p>

<p><a href=“[/url]”></a></p>

<p>You dont have to dress up too much but you need reservations.</p>

<p>There is a Mediterrenean place on Fillmore St that is great but I cant remember the name of it. :)</p>

<p>Let Google be your friend, and the aging neurons’ :)</p>

<p><a href=“Mediterrenean place on Fillmore St[/url] - Google Search”>Mediterrenean place on Fillmore St - Google Search</a></p>

<p>S.F. Bay Area native here…</p>

<p>Zuni Cafe (Market St. at Gough)</p>

<p>A “second” for Slanted Door</p>

<p>Oh well, even if recommendations tend to backfire, I’ll share one of my all-time favorites hangouts:</p>

<p>[Hrd</a> Coffee Shop, San Francisco - Restaurant Reviews - TripAdvisor](<a href=“]Hrd”></p>

<p>If you want to head over to Berkeley, I really like Julia’s. It is in the Berkeley City Club. The building was designed by Julia Morgan. You can hop on BART public transit, Richmond line, get off at Downtown Berkeley. Exit the southernmost steps onto Shattuck Ave, a short walk to Durant, and go up the hill (East). Restaurant is on the left. Great atmosphere, freshly prepared and creative (but limited) entrees, at moderate prices. The heirloom tomato and cheese salad is a must-have appetizer! </p>

<p>[Berkeley</a> City Club Julia’s | Berkeley City Club](<a href=“]Berkeley”></p>

<p>Xiggi, you are such a Californian now. :)</p>

<p>Ok…I remember. Love Troya.</p>

<p>[Troya</a> Fillmore - San Francisco Restaurant - MenuPages Mediterranean, Turkish Restaurant Search](<a href=“]Troya”></p>

<p>I like this place.</p>

<p>[Photos</a> for Mamacita | Yelp](<a href=“]Photos”></p>

<p>If you like vegetarian food try Greens for good food and a spectacular view…At the other end of the spectrum for great steak and the feel of a French Bistro try Chez Papa or Chez Maman.
Do you have a particular neighborhood you’d like to explore?</p>

<p>L’petit Laurent has delicious and reasonably-priced French food in the Glen Park area. </p>

<p>[Le</a> P’tit Laurent](<a href=“]Le”></p>

<p>If your a meat eater House of Prime Rib on S. Van Ness. The best Prime Rib around. Anthony Bourdain frequents when he’s in town.</p>

<p>Also, Acquerello on 1722 Sacramento St, the Foie gras pasta is to die for. You can’t go wrong at this place its a bit fancy just in case you change your mind.</p>

<p>My current favorite is Delfina in the Mission. I’ve had two great dinners there in the past month. I also really like Range which is in the same neighborhood.</p>

<p>I like [url=&lt;a href=“]Incanto[/url”&gt;]Incanto[/url</a>]</p>

<p>Oh, and after dinner at Delfina, cross the street and stand in line at Bi Rite for salted caramel ice cream!</p>

<p>Bi Rite is a winner!</p>

<p>BiRite also has an ice cream topped with olive oil and lavender-lovely.</p>

<p>Do you have a neighborhood in mind? Cuisine?</p>

<p>[kokkari</a> : Welcome](<a href=“]kokkari”> is great. FiDi
[The</a> House Restaurant](<a href=“]The”> FiDi-Chinatown
[Park</a> Tavern | a new restaurant adjacent to Washington Square Park in San Francisco’s North Beach](<a href=“]Park”> North Beach
[Tony’s</a> Pizza Napoletana | San Francisco](<a href=“]Tony’s”> North Beach
[Waterfront</a> Restaurant and Cafe: Home](<a href=“]Waterfront”> If you have to do seafood with a view
[url=&lt;a href=“]Tacolicious[/url”&gt;]Tacolicious[/url</a>] Marina</p>

<p>off the top of my head, these are some of our faves that don’t break the bank…</p>

<p>Have some weird ice cream! [url=&lt;a href=“]Home[/url”&gt;]Home[/url</a>] (humphry slocombe)</p>


<p>^It is good but on the pricey side… Go for lunch.</p>

<p>Thank you. I am looking at menus and forwarding links to my D. We want to stay in SF. We have gone up several times and have eaten at places within walking distance of her apartment or our hotel. So have mainly eaten on Union, Chestnut and Polk between Broadway and Lombard. We have gone to a couple of gosmoms suggestions.
Due to one of diners having a soy allergy we try to avoid Asian cuisine.
Dosa’s and Le Mediterranee or Troya look interesting. We also love Mexican food.</p>