Santa Barbara Halloween 2007

<p>With an average of 20,000-30,000 people converging on Isla Vista for Halloween every year, I figure we'll have at least a few here at CC.</p>

<p>Who's going?
And When? (weekend before/after)</p>

<p>As for me, I will be arriving in beautiful Isla Vista the Friday before Halloween.
And if you've never heard of UCSB's Halloween bash, I invite you to do a YouTube search, maybe you'll end up going this year.</p>

<p>i wish i have time!!! it'll prolly be rad.</p>

<p>I'll more than likely be there.</p>

<p>Watch, someones going to come into this thread and preach about how drinking is wrong etc etc etc</p>

<p>or like the salvia thread, get deleted...god forbid college students can't talk about their lives and how to stay safe when experimenting with power plants and substances.</p>

<p>Wow. I expected a few more.</p>



<p>Assuming that people posting in the "College Life" section of CC go out and attend parties instead of whining about their social failures online is like assuming five year olds are going to listen to their parents purely through reasoned discussion, without the (real) possibility of getting beaten.</p>

<p>Totally wrong.</p>

<p>Hey guys, I was just wondering if Hispanic women like Asian men? Kthx.</p>

Hey guys, I was just wondering if Hispanic women like Asian men? Kthx.


as much as i'd love to know the answer to the question, being asian and a fan of hispanic women...</p>

<p>lol :p</p>

<p>anyways, i'm out at USC, so it's not too far...i'll consider it when Halloween falls on a more convenient day besides Wednesday. but for now, i'll just have to celebrate my birthday with the parties out here...</p>

<p>You should head over the weekend before, thats when everything will be in full swing.</p>

<p>Madison's Halloween--Bigger and Batter</p>

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<p>I'm totally going. .but i go to school at UCSb so of course i would be going. LOL.
I'm going the week before, i think partying the week after is too late, it'll already be November.</p>