santa clara or lehigh?

<p>hey everyone!!</p>

<p>so i'm having problems deciding between santa clara university and lehigh university. i've made a list of pros and cons for each, and it'd be great if i could hear some input/advice!!</p>

<p>santa clara
beautiful campus
everyone is so friendly!!
located in silicon valley, so it's convenient for internships
it feels a lot like my current high school
doesn't have the exact program i want to study- chemical engineering
not too well known on the east coast</p>

great engineering school
classes are mid-size- not too big, not too small
everyone at this school seems to really like being there
i received more merit aid here than santa clara
heard a lot of stories about discrimination against minorities (i'm asian)
greek life dominates the campus. this is my number 1 concern, because although i do like to go out, i'm not planning on joining greek life and to drink my life away. not saying that there's anything wrong with greek life (i've heard they do a lot of service) but from what i've heard lehigh's greek scene is mostly drinking.
bethlehem isn't the best city</p>

<p>any comments are welcome!! this is such a huge decision and i'd love to hear some of your thoughts!</p>

<p>Lehigh is academically better. A small private university really provides you with the best possible learning experience. If I were you, I’d pick a private school over a public one for sure. Lehigh’s greek life is pretty well known. Well, thats a fact. But, on the other hand, students who are not engaged with frat are never forced to drink due to peer pressure or anything like that. Theres plenty of students who don’t drink at Lehigh. Frat houses do not have any connection with non frat dorms in terms of location. </p>

<p>Students who do not drink can be just as comfortable as those who drink at Lehigh. I don’t drink and have enjoyed my time at Lehigh. :smiley: </p>

<p>jeffwow Santa Clara is a small private university not public. </p>

<p>You may want to think about what career you’re interested in after college. Is it tech related? Then silicon valley is the place to be. Also, I am not religious at all but I do like the idea of having an education grounded in some sort of ethical basis. Santa Clara requires a few courses (I think three) about some sort of World religion or philosophy. This kind of ethical questioning and understanding, along with other humanities courses, can help an engineering education. I am not sure if Lehigh offers any sort of ethical underpinning in its education, even though the technical aspects are good. The fraternities seem to be what most other people are reacting to on this site–either for them or against them, or non-participatory. The meaning here for me is that people are referring to them in some shape or form and so the must really dominate at Lehigh. I’m not a fan of fraternities or sororities and see them as accidents waiting to happen, with a band-aid of community service. That’s my bias. There are plenty of ways to do community service without all of the hazing, shaming and other ethical issues not to mention outright danger of Greek life (falls from high places for example are a common source of law suits involving frats and sororities). </p>

<p>Just buy sweatshirts from both schools and see which one you look better in…Just remember if you go to Bethlehem you might be constantLE HIGH.</p>