Santa Clara or Loyola Marymount?

D is planning to major in English with a possible double major or minor in Journalism, Communications or a related area (perhaps even marketing). Our sense is that SCU might be slightly stronger academically and also it seems up-and-coming; however the location in L.A. might mean more opportunities. She is a little concerned about SCU’s location (outside the city and not much to do). Money is not a deciding factor, although she got more merit money from LMU than SCU. Any thoughts?

I think your instinct is right. As far as location, kids want to spend time where they have food, friends, and a bed. They find plenty to do on campus, and no doubt, SCU will have a busy event calendar to keep students happy.

You can always check out Niche, which will have a lot of student reviews. Both colleges are well regarded by their students. SCU has an A+, and LMU has an A. Both will lead to good opportunities, though I agree that SCU is up and coming right now.

Everything I hear or read about both schools is positive.