Santa Clara or SLO for political science?

<p>I am a political science major and will be transferring into one of these schools as a junior. After I graduate I am about 98% positive that I will be going to law school. So far, everything I have read says that law schools only take minimal consideration of where you went to undergrad. Since I am not comparing Harvard and SLO, I do not think law school admission will be affected very much whether I go to Santa Clara or Cal Poly. I have visited both of these schools and like them both very much. Cal Poly really appeals to me since it is about 10K cheaper than Santa Clara, and if I go there, I would be able to move out of my parents house. This is nice because I would like to keep my debt as small as possible since I am going to law school. The only thing holding me up on Cal Poly is that Santa Clara is a nice, smaller college, and seems to be much more directed towards Social Sciences than Cal Poly (business, engineering, agriculture). My main question is if one of these schools will give me a better chance at getting into a good law school, or even at getting a good job when I get out of law school in the future. Oh yeah, almost forgot, if by slim chance I do get into USC, would it be worth it to go there over either of these schools?
Thank you for your help</p>

<p>Santa Clara has a much better law school and if you do go there you have 2 extra years to make connections to your future field of study/profession. and connections come in handy no matter what field you go into.</p>

<p>damn you browneyedgirl :) I was just about settled on SLO, but you do make a very good point on connections. I know that making and having certain connections can take you a long a way in your career, especially in law. And going to Santa Clara where ther is a law school right there, I am sure I could make some good connections. Time to flip the coin again. Any other opinions are greatly appreciated!