Santa Clara RD / Defer 2024

I couldn’t find a thread for regular or deferred applicants so I am starting this one. Excited for decisions!

Anyone know when the decisions will be released?

Mid March according to last year. Last year it was 3/14

Thank you! Seems so far away! Can’t come soon enough.

I am so anxious to know the decision for my daughter!

I know, me too! I think it’s my daughters first choice!

It’s finally March! Although Santa Clara typically releases in middle of month, anything’s possible!! ???

Anxiously awaiting with all of you! It is my daughter’s absolute first choice. She was deferred through Early Action. She wanted to do ED but my husband and I discouraged that, wanting her to look at all her options before making a decision. Now kicking ourselves because it remains her first choice! Hopefully we will all hear soon!

I saw a posting on their FB page so I’m assuming the results will be out soon. Sending good vibes to everyone. D21 friend was admitted early and she will be visiting a second time during spring break. Lots of students from her school tends to apply as will she.

I’m not on FB, what did post say exactly?

I’m thinking 3/10 or 3/17

I got on Facebook but don’t see anything except day of giving stuff?

I’m thinking tomorrow, but every other school has been taking their sweet time so who knows??

Why do you think tomorrow? Just a guy feeling?

Oops I meant “gut” feeling

Last year it was 3/12 which was the equivalent of tomorrow since it was 2nd Tuesday in March. Just a speculation…

Oh got it! I thought I read it was 3/14/19 Thursday last year. My mistake probably.

My mistake. You are right. Tuesday 3/12 last year.

I would love for them to surprise us and announce today!!