Santa Clara University Transfer 2020

SCU transfer discussion, I know its early but lets get this started!

Keep it short and simple, what are my chances to get in? based only on gpa.

2 years at Pepperdine in los Angeles - GPA: 3.5
1 year at Boston college - First semester GPA: 3.96 ( I am applying right now so second semester grades are not out).
Applied for Leavey.

Reasons for transferring: Long story

De Anza College Transfer to SCU
Applied: beginning of February
Accepted: end of February

Admitted into Leavey School of Business.
Condensing all my 2 years worth of units into 1

  • College GPA: Only fall 2019 grades to show (25 units & 3.72 GPA) and progress report from winter quarter (36 units & 3.71 GPA)
  • High School GPA: 3.85 weighted
  • Tons of Work Experience: Started my own business, retail experience, and 5 years as a youth coach
  • 3 letter of Recs: one from SCU professor, one from professor @ De Anza, one from tech company employee I worked with
  • Strong essays